Monday, December 29, 2008

To Buy List

As we all can smell the Chinese New Year coming his way, well if this is not the shopping season when will it be. It's not like I like a ATM machine boyfriend or a dad who can give me a platinum card. On this festive season, why not you just let me dream a little dream of shopping spree.

If you know I am still mourning my stolen Olympic season 2 limited edition of England flag Converse sneaker, you won't hesitate to let me get this basic, classic, down to earth Joyce from Camel Active. I know it worth the money, but oh my dear god. drop me some RM169.

Now what do you think about my profile picture? Doesn't that ReD shirt warmed your heart with this jolly New Year. The many button just taking my breath away. Can't believe I found FCUK in Parkson, Gurney. All they left was the beige one. If that so It doesn't worth the 3 digit value which as well start with a 3xx, RM 359 to be exact. Forgive me, some said this is what you call bak jiu boh hor, having bad eyes. Everything I like have to be so costly. Why, tell me why? I am still wanting you. You bloody red shirt dress...So classy

Hmm people, how many comb do you have? I have got 2. They are those flat, one with sharp end, another one will be the huge big teeth comb. As my hair getting longer, I was thinking, after so many years, now I should pamper my scalp with this massage hair brush. It has a name, you can call it The Paddle Brush from The Body Shop. RM59

If you read my previous blog about hair updo. I kind of decided not to cut my hair, at least not for the moment. I promise myself a new change after getting over the asshole. Well, the time has come, and I think I'm just gonna trim a little bit, so it can grow longer better. Then there I might do some perm or what not. We'll see. Shall I get Christopher Lee from Hair Impression at Komtar. OMG, can I resist the big, tough, cute hair stylist...Can't imagine...and there will cost my arse like RM 50 a small hair trimming session. Not again, where is the Choy Shen?

Short of Cash

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Thank Q

Having friends around is my most treasure assets. I know after all the bad day, when I don't want to be alone at home, facing only the computer screen,
I turn around you'll always be my shelter.

With no much of a word, I felt secure and loved. You all never fail to blow my blue off.
Sharing is caring, Sus's said. I'm such a pampered baby friend.

In this very pok kai, hak zai, dum, and whatever bad luck it came after me of dark period.
I really want to deliver my heart felt gratitude to,
Susilla, Tirawud, Jasmine, Simon, rEis, Bernatt, aLex, Shala...
for the companion, sharing, present, care, $, food, love,
and most of all thousand thanks for being there for me when I need you the most...

Lots of from the bottom of my heart....

Friendship Banzai!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hair updo without hair ties, clip or pin

People who know me well knew that I do not like to leave my fair free.
I always tie my hair normally high up and clear my fringe so I look fresher and it doesn't bother me whenever and whatever I am doing.
But I have a thing in losing my hair tie, or commonly known as hair band. Especially lately, I need to walk to school and walk back home, please imagine the sun near to Chinese New Year kind of heat and hot.
I am so grateful that I always can find a pencil or pen nearby. So it solve the problem most of the time. Just now I came across this youtube, hair updo tutorial, which is very very useful.
As a Bati student, particularly Interpretation class, we are trained to be neat and bun-ny. For girls la, for sure. This is really helpful, and learning a new thing tonight make my Christmas very meaningful. click here to view the clip
You know ROME was not built in one day, so as the tutor said, you might need to try couple of time. Anyway to be frank, the couple of time will really tired your arm and neck up.
Happy trying. I did it, sure can you

learn a new thing a day

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Saya Pendiam dan Pemalu

I always tell them I am a Pendiam dan Pemalu.
But everyone, EVERYONE was like "ya, right."
Ya you are right.
Seeing I am such a loner on this so celebratable festive season.
What else you can say?
Anyway to sound more of a snob
"I rather go no where then to spend some meaningless hour with meaningless persons."
I am so fine with just mix fm and my loyal twinhead and connection.
Was so surprise and jolly over the 2 little unexpected Xmas present from Dearie Tzyy Yun, rEis, and my best lady boss Shala.
You all indeed lighten up my Christmas eve.
candle stands from Shala bought from Sg
Snow Man salt and pepper shakers from Tzyy Yun and rEis

Merry Christmas!!!

listening to the fireworks- wanting to cry on you shoulder

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


建得曾经对我说,男生喜欢女生的三样东西,包括有 会打扮,忘了,最后就是会撒娇。

只是,我得仔细好好的选对象,你问 妙凌,Jasmine, 想撒娇也只是对着你们。



Friday, December 19, 2008

Hey Dear...

"Hey DeaR...bla bla bla"
So your friend thought you are talking to your boyfriend.
I was surprise by my colleague Cloey that after I hang my phone today, Cloey looking at me and ask curiously: " who are you talking to? Boyfriend a?"
Do we really sound that intimate?
What's wrong with them? So envy of

in LoVe with Jas

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


今週の金曜は,また出張と言っていいか。今回はKFCのイベントだ。Alor Starってところ。





Jovy's Wardrobe



Tuesday, December 16, 2008



你去了我最向往的国,伦,我爱下雨天,我爱红茶, 我爱伦敦大桥,大笨钟,火车站,钟爱特浓的英腔。你说没下雨吗?我有点失落。





KaBocha SouP

Wasn't for the festive sake, Pumpkin has always been my favorite.

I once made Orange Pumpkin Soup, Well.

=DeN's Kitchen=

proudly present

~ManGo Pumpkin Soup~

You bet it is lips licking yumm...

First of all we need a

prepare broth while you peel the pumpkin skin off.

I did it with the Knorr beef cube

(Uniliver should pay me)
as I like pepper so much I crushed some black pepper and dump into the broth.

Cut the pumpkin in to small cube put it in to a steamer
steam until it become as soft as this

Heat the butter and fine chopped garlic in a frying pan

Add in the soften pumpkin when you smell the fragrant.
Mash to paste like

in the mean time, sprinkle a lil salt and pepper to taste.

Take out your food processor,
put in the pumpkin paste and scoop some of these

into the food processor

now you shall be blend in to


add some broth to ease the blending job
a good processor can avoid leaking when you add the broth in.

The puree or smoothies as it should be will now be transfer
to a pot or wok

slowly mix the broth with the puree
add curry leaf depend on own likeness.
simmer for a while
and its DONE!

Come on help yourself!
Serve it hot or cold.

I am so proud of myself.

People, aLL I want for Chrismast is a piece of RED apron.
and I will be officially recognize as

=Chef DeN=

Everything of cooking are good but
when it come to

Oh my battle field.

call me Genius

So in LoVe with myself

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Short Term 2do list

  1. Wash bags- red adidas backpack (borrow from Susilla), My own adidas backpack, Catrade red shoulder bag, pencil case. green Thailand elephant sling bag, ELLE shoulder bag.- Walau damn lot man.
  2. Wash shoe-Converse flower, Yonex badminton shoe
  3. Wash fan-the one in my room hanging on the ceiling
  4. Clean my wardrobe- or you can call it an open wardrobe.
  5. Buy a lot of fruits-melon, banana, mango, grape, kiwi
  6. Call school-find out why can't I do my registration online, Man I passed all the subject ok.
  7. Pay my phone bill-before I get barr
  8. Upload photo in Facebook- blame the stupid dumass facebook photo uploader, pending my Melaka trip's.
  9. Find a 2nd hand bicycle-do you have any?
  10. Sports-Ping Pong, badminton, swimming, squash
  11. Healing hands- remoisturize my palm and from this too

Saturday, December 13, 2008

OMG= Oh My GrandMa

I felt really bad, I so wanted to go to grandma'a place today. So I did ask J yesterday to do me a favour, as I do not have leg ( means I have no transport). She rejected saying grandma's place is very far. We staying in Taman Putra and they in Mahkota Cheras. Near @ Far are very subjective
measurement. We used to stay in Bidor and Grandma stays in KL. Which one is further far???

I went down for breakfast and came up again, J told me, my phone rang, as I did not save all my phone book's contact into my new phone. Here it was a stranger's number. I call back, and I heard the warmest voice in the world. My heart melted. She misses me, I knew it. And she knows the time right to call me.

She ask if I will come back on the 1st of January, as this coming Chinese New Year, she will be going back to Bidor, most probably can't have reunion dinner with us. My heart was like drop to the tummy. I miss you too. OMG.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Big Overcast

I just came back to KL from the JLPT die hard test trip. KL has been covered by these huge overcast, heard it was for one whole day already. Rain rain...

I want to ask a question, do you really know the song jingle bell?
After jingle bellx2, jingle all the way...then...ngagh ngah ngagh ngah....

Just a festive lesson for myself and you out there who never really ever finish this song in your life.

Jingle Bells

Jingle bells, jingle bells Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one horse open sleigh
Jingle bells, jingle
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one horse open sleigh

Dashing through the snow
In a one horse open sleigh
O'er the fields we go
Laughing all the way
Bells on bob tails ring
Making spirits b
What fun it is to laugh and sing

A sleighing song tonight

Oh, Jingle bells, jingle bells Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one horse open sleigh
Jingle bells, jingle
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one horse open sleigh

A day or two ago
I thought I'd take a ride
And soon Miss Fanny Bright

Was seated by my side

The horse was lean and lank

Misfortune seemed his lot

We got into a drifted ban

And then we got upsot

Oh, Jingle bells, jingle bells Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one horse open sleigh
Jingle bells, jingle
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one horse open sleigh

So when you have your kids later, you can sing him/her the whole song.

Last Christmas
Happy festive season.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Some Updates

Think I am not ready for any fancy or sentimental writing. Thus below were some of my latest update.

1. I bought a hand phone finally. For all my life I'd never buy a cell cost more than 300$. Well I refuse to put buying fon in my to buy list after so long my phone stolen. Kept using rEis's extra fon and eyeing for the no one want fon at home, 8250 ka, or the flip fon J is curently using. Up to an extend that J actually give me RM100 to sposor me to get a fon. I just don't think that I need a fon so badly. But since the sky had droped some $$$ to me. So I think its time. I got myself a SE K770i, should be quite a good one. with cyber shot, 3.2MP. Thanks for the help of Gwen my little sister, I got a clean and beautifuly victory of RM600.

2. I got this very cool job, recomend by a senior Hanyu to Mervin and then refer to me, as an interpreter, never on earth I dream of me myself eaarning the money of interpreter. Its to interpret from Mandarin to English for a Philipino. It was a marketing research company near KLCC, TNS-Taylor Nelson Sofres, and they were conducting a focus group discussion regarding some product. I did not know what the heck was that product before hand nor I have any dick of infomation. So I was like a blinded fly bravely step in the war zone. Thanks God, my agent, Sam called after the assignment. The client was very satisfied. It really boost my confident. By the way something more exciting was that one of the client is actually one cute guy I know off from KJH 2008, he was one of the client there then too.

3. I am back in Bidor, the place I once very familiar with, now still, the most familiar one. It does developed a lot, The basketball court was brush in red and white paint by the local DAP. The essential of this coming back was to see all my niece and nephews all grown up fat and toothless. Spent some precious time with them, the whole day. As usual, we will have KFC session. Its like every time I come back, my job is to bring them to the KFC and gran some chicken home. Anyway, =ah gor= let me drive his Honda City, which is very complicated to use the car key in the first place. But thanks for giving chance. He look very weak today, I hope he get well soon. Now I am very scare of losing another family member.

4.Planing to take the new shutter service from Ipoh- KL Sentral after I finish my JLPT in Ipoh. Read more HERE.It can go as low as RM1 for promotion

Don't you ever try to look for an ending, there will be never ending...

Monday, December 01, 2008

Music and Lyrics

Sometimes you just need a movie to blow your day off. It wasn't any touching to your heart piece, but anyway with the huge cast,
I believe it somehow worth watching.

Hugh Grant

Drew Barrymore

Like the accent of Hugh Grant, and the hair of Drew Barrymore .
Think I will look good in that?

That was this script in the movie whereby Sophie by Barrymore's sister in the movie named Ronda, actually tell her how to tell a man if he is passionate over you or not.

"I think you just see it in their eyes,
you feel it in your touch,
In Gary case is when he said to his mother:
"I'm marrying Ronda ANYWAY.""

doesn't it sound cool.

I wasn't very fascinating by the songs in the movie as aLex has long send me all the tracks but
forgive me cause I just finally download the player to play the CD Jas lend me, quite long ago.

=all I'm asking you is to not write me off, just yet=

The track -pop goes my heart- was totally old school funny.
Another scene that seems awkwardly amusing was the Cara's concert
where she came out behind the Buddha statue,
I was like WTF??!!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Another Morning Post

Ya, for real, I was waken up by my mum at 7:30am.
She wanted me to teach her to use the internet. So I was please as I have ask her so many times to put her hands on the keyboard and kill some free time rather than you sleeping all days.
As usual she aspect me to do all things for her, but sorry I am not a yasashii sensei. Wahaha.
Anyway got a her an email address, a Facebook account. Introduce her to wikipedia, recipe searching, Job hunting. That will be fine for today. Not forgetting a MSN IM so she was connected to Uncle George, finally.

Going to church later for the last time in Lembah Maju since they will be moving to a bigger premise the next week. Good Job.

After church heading to FJ Benjamin warehouse sales at Park Royal KL. By the way have to thanks aL for statused about the sales thingy, bet he had lot of fun after the shopping spree.
How I wish we could share more...not any more now.

Gotta stuff my tummy with some yummy. Chiao...

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday Morning

Bet I slept too early yesterday. aLL the clock in the room was spoiled I think I get on bed before 1am. Thus when I open my eyes this "Morning" which is a very stranger word to me lately. By the way it is all the fault of Rachel's alarm, poor OL that have to go to work on Saturday, get a life! Man. Well the time then was 7 something.

I keep rolling on the bed, hoping I can get back to some sweet dream but No. I am not a sleeping person as you look in to my eye,
you will understand all. I don't like to sleep and I can't sleep too long. That is not my major.

So I wake up and make this early post. Found Jasmine finally update something. Anyway just want to let her know that I still doing thing everyday that remind me of her. Gwen had made some Jasmine chestnut desert. I drank Jasmine green tea almost everyday. I have a cup of Jasmine soak in waster beside me. Dakara, you are always on my mind and never gonna be lonely for the rest of your life.

Hey people, mainly to freelancer like most of the varsities, thats what we do. Have you notice that sometimes, once you get a job you will like transform into a magnet. This is what code by Mr. SLim- suddenly we become a JOB MAGNET. Wow, that was cool...

Got my first interpreting job coming up. Looking forward to it. Hope I won't flunk it in the end. Thanks for Mervin and Hanyu.

p/s: for friends that are taking JLPT next week, don't forget to study!!! Let's all pass the paper.

Friday, November 28, 2008

My Fine Dining Experiences

My fine dining experiences with Mr. Vincent Kok. He should get some credit from me.

The last time I came back to KL, he brought us to Alexis in Great Eastern Mall for tea-High Tea.
Alexis is a famous bistro in Klang Valley. They have some other outlet in Bangsar, Garden, and few more.

We ordered the =Tiramisu=, which is very soft the texture and the topping was very nutty walnut and sweet crispy caramel layer. I was never a friend of caramel (I don't eat cloud 9) but this creek crack of caramel was totally different. What I like the most was the serving was it actually come with some BERRY jam, either it was strawberry or raspberry jam, this I would say divine. Have you ever have this combination? Cake with jam. By the way, it might not be recognize, but I do not know what to call it. Let it be the divine raspberry jam. Imagining you are Remy in Ratatouille. Cheese and Grapes...close your eyes...ermm hmmm...

There we tried another piece of chocolate fudge ka, can't really remember, it was months ago. However I can still recall that it was serve warm. Would be a good choice for the babes in town.
Since I was preparing my Sarawak working and travel trip, I ask for a Sarawak Laksa. When I was half way to finish it. I felt weired. Don't worry, it was not about the food. I then realise, this is not Sarawak Laksa to me, it was Curry. The KayeLL people just like to call every thing laksa. Anyway, it was one big bowl of Curry.

I wish to go there again someday to enjoy the Jazz performance.

aLexis aMpang,
Lot 10 & 11
Great Eastern Mall
303 Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
T 603 4260 2288

It was the first experience.

Today we decided to have our late dinner at CPK, Suria KLCC. California Pizza Kitchen. I wish I am a photo blogger, but I still don't have my own camera yet.

By the way, there are four of us, we only order 1 appetizer, 1 pizza, 1 pasta. That was very fulfilling, perhaps, there are mainly me and Chi Kuan who play the eating part. The other two was not very helpful.

Mr. Vincent order the appetizer, thus I do not know the name of it. I found this in the US CPK's site. We probably have this

Herb-Onion Focaccia with Checca

Italian-style herb-onion pizza bread hearth baked and served with a fresh combination of Roma tomatoes, basil, garlic, and extra-virgin olive oil.

OR something similar, by the way, I am quite sure we have something with the describe Checca. I like it witht he tomato cube, it taste Iranian. Heard it was something middle east dish too. Make sense then.

We order the Mushroom Pepperoni Sausage pizza-Fresh mushrooms, pepperoni, sweet Italian sausage, Mozzarella cheese and our tomato sauce. While for pasta we made it Marsala Marinara-that was another full bowl of mushroom too. I like that.

The shrimp was so fresh, as someone indeed spilled it out. Anyway bravo the big button mushroom, guess I was influence by the little Iranian evil- Mushroom Monster. I started discover that, I actually like button mushroom too.

The serving is big enough. At first I doubt that why the other are not ordering. Then I realize that he was right, we can't finish all that. Lemonade was good. Cranberry Juice makes someone happy.

California Pizza Kitchen
Lot No. 140, Level 1,
Suria Klcc, Kuala Lumpur 50088,
Wilayah Persekutuan

p: 603-3820512 f: 603-3820516

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

One more TiMe, One more Chance.

これ以上何を失えば 心は許されるの
どれ程の痛みならば もういちど君に会える
One more time
 季節よ うつろわないで
One more time
 ふざけあった 時間よ

くいちがう時はいつも 僕が先に折れたね
わがままな性格が なおさら愛しくさせた
One more chance
One more chance

いつでも捜しているよ どっかに君の姿を
向かいのホーム 路地裏の窓
願いはもしも叶うなら 今すぐ君のもとへ
できないことは もう何もない

寂しさ紛らすだけなら 誰でもいいはずなのに
星が落ちそうな夜だから 自分をいつわれない
One more time
 季節よ うつろわないで
One more time

いつでも捜しているよ どっかに君の姿を
交差点でも 夢の中でも
奇跡がもしも起こるなら 今すぐ君に見せたい
新しい朝 これからの僕


いつでも捜しているよ どっかに君の姿を
明け方の街 桜木町で
願いがもしも叶うなら 今すぐ君のもとへ
できないことは もう何もない

いつでも捜しているよ どっかに君の破片を
旅先の店 新聞の隅

奇跡がもしも起こるなら 今すぐ君に見せたい
新しい朝 これからの僕

いつでも捜してしまう どっかに君の笑顔を
急行待ちの 踏切あたり
命が繰り返すならば 何度も君のもとへ
欲しいものなど もう何もない

English Translation

If I lose any more than this, will my heart be forgiven
How much pain before I can see you again
One more time, please don't change the season
One more time to the time when we fool around
When our path cross each other, I am always the first to turn
Making me indulge more in my selfish way
One more chance tripped by memories
One more chance we cannot choose our next place
I am always searching somewhere for you
Opposite of the house, the other side of the alley's window
Even though I know you won't be here
If my wish is to be granted, please bring me to you right now
Betting and embracing everything 
To show you there's nothing else I can do
Anybody should be fine if it was just to ease loneliness
Because the stars in the night sky seems like falling, I cant lie to myself
One more time, please don't change the season
One more time to the time when we fool around
I am always searching somewhere for you
Even at the intersection and dream
Even though I know you won't be here
If miracle was to happen, I want to show it to you right now
A new morning, myself 
and the "I love you" which I couldn't say

Summer's memory is revolving
The sudden disappearance of heart beat
I am always searching somewhere for you
At dawn's town, At Sakuragi street
Even though I know you won't come here
If my wish is to be granted, please bring me to you right now
Betting and embracing everything
I am always searching somewhere for your fragment
At the destination's shop, At the corner of the newspaper
Even though I know you won't be there
If miracle was to happen, I want to show it to you right now
A new morning, myself 
And the "I love you" which I couldn't say

I always end up looking somewhere for your smile
At the railway crossing of the fast pace town
Even though I know you won't be here
If life can be repeated, I'll go to you many times over
There's nothing else that I want
Nothing else is more important than you

One more time, One more chance

By Sotte Bosse

In anime

I like Sotte Bosse very much, so I was browsing randomly on youtube and I found this good piece. Its from an anime. It looks very beautiful, guess I am gonna grab them soon. Hope you all like the song too.
Link here.

After Battle

I can't recall the last time I am being so sleepy up to an extend I was actually sleeping in KFC.

It should all start from the first night I reached Summit Hotel for the Jom Heboh, Batu Kawan. It was on Friday, right after my last paper of Sociolinguistics, I was starving since I'd extract all my brain juice to throw out some letters on that sheets. So I then I have to walk up to U-heights to meet my driver roommate rEis as if she drive in its gonna be a great congestion here. There I gain more hungriness. Finally I hop up the car and we were both craving for food already, so we change our first destination to some food outlet, then we came to E-Gate, and had our Subway sandwiches. By the way, we have been ordering delivery dinner for 2 days in a row.

So then I carried my 25kg 3 bags, one with all books to study for my JLPT this 7th Dec, one with my clothing, one with lum lum sum sum and laptop, none with MJ the Somoan+NZ baby girl or the rabits from East Osaka, but I am pretty sure it was as heavy as that suitcase. I took the ferry to cross over to the mainland and ride a bus to BM Plaza. I was the first to reach the hotel, pity the rest who'd to work at the site.

I checked in to my room, showered and slept for awhile, hehe. Some knock on my door, they'd arrived. We went for a drink at a mamak nearby, came back to the room, chatting and we all slept around 3 ka. The fact was my bedmate can't really fall asleep, so did I.

We met at the cafe at 7am. Work and came back around 10:30pm, in Japanese they say, おかげさまで=托福=thanks to xx. It was earlier than I expected. Me and Chai Chui had some good time teasing Shi Ying and her Choc Milk. We ordered a Hawaian Chicken Regular, which doesn't seems very sufficient for 4 of us. Anyway we were good. Fell asleep around 2, thought I can get up. At least some on can. The assemble time was 7am for breakfast, and bus leaving at 7:30am.

7:20am Simon called. Shit, I want to eat breakfast. Can't believe he is the one who wake me up, as I'd been worry that he'll not be able to get up on time since he went out late the night before. Shame on me.

Well, Sunday the final day. I don't know why, everybody think I am not playing any game. Hmm...I did and it was as same as the previous all. Bumped out done finally at 10:30pm or later. The seafood feast it worth a little. We all then had 10 min each to shower and meet at the lobby at 1:30am to leave Penang.

I was the first to rush in to the both room and get myself done, so I still on time to have someone's promise implement. We went for a quick drink. I am good. Guess I did walking on straight line on my way back to hotel.

Everyone, I bet sleep like pig on the bus. Uncle David was driving fast, we reach Kelana Jaya Station at 6 something. Thanks for William the birthday sick boy, practicing his gentlemanliness. Carried my all books bag all the way till he left the lrt at Pandan Jaya. It was drizzling went I reach Cempaka, like usual I rather spend more than waiting for the real fucking bus to move it ass. I took a cab home. The uncle Taxi

Thought I can get some rest, but I am not. Breakfast with mum and sisters. Preparing another Butter Milk Chicken for lunch before accompany my little sister to go for interview in some place in Salak South.

We took a cab to the lrt st. then transfer line to Salak South. From there we suppose to take a cab to the interview place. There we met a lot of young (for me) boys and girls heading to the same place. We eventually bump in to one guy and sat in a same cab with him. By the way I met someone I work with before in the funny warehouse. But I can't dig his name out of my memory. Maybe something Hoe.

Well, she went up for interview or probably briefing. I find cooler place, planing to read while waiting. I then walk in to KFC, ordered an Ice Milo, walk up to the first floor. Settle down, lie on the table. I wish I did not snore. I was terribly sleepy.

I guess I sleep for quite some time there. Then we return home. At night I was studying on a bed for some times, then I lay down, I close my eyes, some one wake me up, I told her I am not sleepy, wake me up at 11pm. By the time I wake up it was 10:45am the next day.

It was Tuesday aLready. Good Morning sunshine.

Happy belated birthday to William and Eddy. Both was late, but all it counts is the sincerity's, wasn't it.

Guess I spent the whole night writing this piece. and I should get on bed now.
Good Night Starshine...

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Today's the Day
Originally uploaded by libbylou1300





Tuesday, November 18, 2008


我开在网上记录文字,始于~DeN & Her DaY~
2005年的某一天, 那段时期正在等着进大学,在诊所打工. 如今已有两三个年头了. 岁月流逝, 断断续续,有的没的, 点点滴滴.
有一段日子,我记很多蓝色的事情, 后来决定报喜不报忧. 重读的时候,果然看出来了。有写空白的年日,是因为不想回顾,想逃避,所以不敢记下来。



Saturday, November 15, 2008

Uncle George

Uncle George is one of my mum's cousin brother, whom they grew up together i guess. He was migrated to New Zealand the year I was born, so I never met him before. I heard of him a lot from my mum, his son and so on. He did came back to visit mum and us, 10 years ago to SOON SOON the bah kut teh cum coffee shop cum restaurant we used to have there then, I can't remember why on earth I was not there. So I like miss the golden chance in 10 years. After that visit, Rachel did have some mail contacting with Uncle George's son, Jack, whom he now called JT. (like JT. my friend in Ohio, I miss that kid)

Since I recently fond of knowing more about New Zealand, I figure that I have an uncle there. So as I found Jaslyn Tan's (another one of my many cousin sisters who is now in Australia) Facebook, I accidentaly or shall I say detective-fully, success to find a suspected Tan's family dude. Which is pretty good looking. So I send him a message like...wait let me copy it down here
October 5 at 3:17am
It might sound weired a little, but I wonder will u be my cousin...
Are u Uncle George's son?
October 5 at 7:00pm
hihi yes im george tan's son ?

So we kinda 相认 but he seems a little cool, at the end he said he is not so sure about family connection. Poor him. I wonder if he know Chinese. He did tell uncle George about our message, apparently Uncle George can't remember my dad's surname. That he denied me. One month later Uncle George added me in his FaceBook. He wrote me walls. I told him I never met him before, but he insist that 10 years ago he saw me in the bah kut teh shop. But sorry, I wasn't there. He then write me a message which let me know more about him. He is one funny uncle. This is so cool, like you meet a distant relative or a relative from far land that you never meet before, its interesting, isn't it.

His message for me in FB:

November 14 at 5:08pm
Bk in 1967-68 I was in Methodist Boys School in Dato Kramat Road doing my HSC.board in somewhere 1/2 way to KeklokSi on Ayer Itam road for only $60-00 a mth including 3 meals a day....thats lot in those days.

I did not went to Uni immediately, instead went to work. to earn $$$$.

I did some corresponding studies, when I was A Country Manager for Oral-B, Dr Westin 1980.I then 2 summers bk in 81-82 @ Syracuse University in NY , USA to complete my Graduate Studies in B.Com majoring in Marketing.

Migrated to NZ in 1986.

Worked as A senior Bank Manager for an Australian Westpac Bank, left and was appointed by the Minister of Education of nZ as a Director for Auckland University of Technology(AUT Uni)...thats where JT graduated in 2001 after 5 yrs with B. Eng double in Electronic Communicatiobs and Computer Systems and a double in Grad. Dip; In Business...International Business Management& International Human Resources.

I retired from all directorships since 2003 after 4 heart attacks since 1997. The retirement age in NZ is 65 yrs old. I'm only 60yrs old I therefore don't qulify for a weekly pesion...Uncle very poor lah.
I grow my own vegs; to ones.(hobbies)
I grow, chives,sping oniouns, green & snow peas, bitter melon(fukua), round beans(kuei tau), long beans(taukok)-2 types, canadian yam (wutau), lemon grass, assamlasak leaves, 2 lemon plats, choysums, kailan, roses.

Planting just my hobbies...most of my friendsjust come and harvest them for free lah...too much...we can't consume them all.
I'm a RETIRED FATHER CHRISMASS...hehe. The cost of planting and daily taking care of all my vegs; and flowers keeping me alive lah with all the fresh NZ air.

Don't worry, I m OOOKKK now, after stopping smoking, sleeping early...@ 8-30pm every night; wakes up @ 4-30am, all news on the net...than @ 6 pm wlks 3km with my pet Golden Labrador 4 yrs old dog.

We in the south of Equater are having Summers from Dec to feb; we r now 5 hrs ahead of M'sia. but will revered bk to 4 hrs during the Winter mths from April to Sept..thats went JT go snow bording every weekends.
summers he plas Hockey and Golf.

Yan, after u graduated, try get a job related to yr studies.
While working I suggest u continue further edu inprobably international business, tourism, hotel management.
reasons being its anadded advantage to all yr languages majors...a supplement to advance yr career.
Many students in NZ @ AUT with language majors continue such majors to advance in life.

Uncle hope u do so.

Uncle Geo Geo

He address himself as Uncle Geo Geo, this is cute.

Uncle George,
Let's talk Rugby and Dunedin.

Friday, November 14, 2008

I wanted to write something

I polished my nail, very bad skill. I have to admit that I am fat and I am not good in grooming my self. So I like to have red nails. But not the one I am wearing on now, I like something like scarlet, bloody red on my lovely finger. Its really dirty now, you know we need time to brush up skills too pa.

I will be cooking butter milk chicken again, this time to love feast my long lost friend, Kok Loon. It had been some time since we last hang out. He ask me out for lunch, he said he has no plan, may be we should go to some place that we never go before. I was running out of cash to try new stuff. So I offered him to try my new dish.

I cooked that on Monday to Reis and Tzyy Yun already. and they like the sauce. but one thing its very very fatening. Which is probably doing good for my beloved guest tomorrow, he who had suffered from underweight for half or his whole life. He needs some fat.

Butter Milk Chicken 奶油鸡 was invented by my grandma, she ate something similar in the restaurant once, ONLY. She came home and innovated, adapt it from pork to chicken. Just to share the simple recipe.

You need some
  • wing- cut into wing and small drumstick ( faham x)
  • drumstick- 1 cut into 3 pieces.
  • butter- the whole block
  • Ideal Milk-Malaysian will know that
  • Small chili-cut into small small pieces
  • curry leaves-for fragrant
  • some seasoning
Steps are...

  1. Cleans the chicken and season it with salt, thick soy sauce, soy sauce, and sugar. (haha, I have no measurement)
  2. Season it for a while or longer if you have time. Deep fry the chicken until you notice the skin get like golden.
  3. Drain the fried chicken, set it a side. Now prepare for the sauce.
  4. Melt the butter (as much as you think is appropriate with the quantity of your chicken) on the wok.
  5. Add in the small chili and curry leaves, also appropriate amount. Fry for a moment.
  6. Now add the Ideal milk. The sauce will become light brown. Pour in the oil drained chicken. (important to drain it)
  7. Cook until the sauce get thick, add some taste, sugar or salt or soy souce according to own likeness.
  8. Cook until the sauce get as thick as you like than its done.
Wow!!! Can't believe it, my first recipe writing.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

VIolence Againts Women vs my reallife drama

I don’t know staying with a drama student will actually bring me back so much real life drama in return. My whole life ( as if I am that old). Ya, my 22 years past has had been dramatic enough. Attempting to elaborate on those grandmother’s stories might be never ending, perhaps I should save it for another blue night.

Lately there have been a few real life drama happened around me, my life, my friend. Let's just take the 3 most dramatic cases I came through. 2 out of 3 involve violence against women. If we know detail about forms of violence against women, all three I mentioned above are violence against women, including, PHYSICAL violence, SEXUAL HARASSMENT , SOCIAL violence and Domestic violence.

These had really lit the alert of protecting women’s welfare issue. I was really shocked that things like this are still happening under the sun in this so call civilize land. Malaysian oh Malaysian, Man oh Man…

I will try to rephrase the cases as detail as I could.

Case 1:

Form of violence involve: SEXUAL HARASSMENT

Victim: MizOn (name has been altered)

Not long ago, MizOn has rented a room in a middle class resort condominium in Penang Island, as the car park lot is quite pricy, she has not intention to rent any yet. Most of the time she will ask for a visitor parking pass from the security guard if it’s too late at night when she come home for safety reason. One month passed and everything seems fine until this one namely FAT.S (I name “it”) security guard which only worked for 4 days, crossed the line, just too much.

It was around 3 or 4 am in the morning, MizOn came home, as usual she ask for the visitor parking, so this FAT.S guard take his bike and ask MizOn to follow him as he wants to lead the visitors’ lot.( This was not necessary). He then make a round up and stop in front of MizOn window, and told her in Malay: “ Kita orang tolong you, you pun mesti tolong kita orang la.” MizOn at that moment thought he wanted money, so she in blur ask him, “tolong apa?” As the FAT.S lean forward to the wound window, he shamelessly reply and require: “Boleh bagi kita pegang barang you?” MiZon started to feel uneasy but she was really panic trying to start the car engine, without thinking she asked: “huh? Apa barang?” That bloody FAT.S then use his fat index finger curling, rubbing and touching MiZon’s shoulder, saying, “ barang itu la!” Oh My Dear God.

MizOn by the time already manage to starts the engine, firmly reject by pushing his hand off her shoulder: “NO! PLEASE NO!” winded up the window and left the apartment. She was frightened to dead that she was shivering and needed to call a couple of friend to accompany her to walk home later. The very next day report was made to the management office, not long after that, the security guard was fired.

Okay this is too much for me to continue on the 2nd and 3 rd case, I need to park my pen here (symbolically) I will try to put fingers on the keyboard as soon as I can to detail on the topic.

For more information about Violence against women please visit the WAO website and don't forget visit the nearest The Body Shop in town and find out more about the Stop Violence in the Home campaign running together with WAO (FOC) and that is those little move that you can take to help and support and learn to help women in need.

Until then GoodNight.

p/s: Gratitude to all the revolutionaries, you make me breathe again...

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Lyrics of Gemuruh Faizal Tahir

Faizal Tahir - Gemuruh Gemuruh Lirik :-
Bila bertalu rentak di kalbu
Hasrat yang tersirat semakin ku buru
Bila bergema laungan gempita
Harapan bernyala nadiku berganda
Gemuruh jiwa semangat membara
Dari puncak ingin ke angkasa
Berkalungkan bintang berkelipan
Menyerlah jauh dari yang biasa
Bila bertalu rentak di kalbu
Hasrat yang tersirat semakin ku buru
Bila bergema laungan gempita
Harapan bernyala nadiku berganda
Gemuruh jiwa semangat membara
Dari puncak ingin ke angkasa
Berkalungkan bintang berkelipan
Menyerlah jauh dari yang biasa
Ungkapan ini bukan sekadar bermimpi
Segalanya pastikan terbukti nantiUlang :
Gemuruh jiwa semangat membara
Dari puncak ingin ke angkasa
Berkalungkan bintang berkelipanMenyerlah jauh dari yang biasa