Monday, December 29, 2008

To Buy List

As we all can smell the Chinese New Year coming his way, well if this is not the shopping season when will it be. It's not like I like a ATM machine boyfriend or a dad who can give me a platinum card. On this festive season, why not you just let me dream a little dream of shopping spree.

If you know I am still mourning my stolen Olympic season 2 limited edition of England flag Converse sneaker, you won't hesitate to let me get this basic, classic, down to earth Joyce from Camel Active. I know it worth the money, but oh my dear god. drop me some RM169.

Now what do you think about my profile picture? Doesn't that ReD shirt warmed your heart with this jolly New Year. The many button just taking my breath away. Can't believe I found FCUK in Parkson, Gurney. All they left was the beige one. If that so It doesn't worth the 3 digit value which as well start with a 3xx, RM 359 to be exact. Forgive me, some said this is what you call bak jiu boh hor, having bad eyes. Everything I like have to be so costly. Why, tell me why? I am still wanting you. You bloody red shirt dress...So classy

Hmm people, how many comb do you have? I have got 2. They are those flat, one with sharp end, another one will be the huge big teeth comb. As my hair getting longer, I was thinking, after so many years, now I should pamper my scalp with this massage hair brush. It has a name, you can call it The Paddle Brush from The Body Shop. RM59

If you read my previous blog about hair updo. I kind of decided not to cut my hair, at least not for the moment. I promise myself a new change after getting over the asshole. Well, the time has come, and I think I'm just gonna trim a little bit, so it can grow longer better. Then there I might do some perm or what not. We'll see. Shall I get Christopher Lee from Hair Impression at Komtar. OMG, can I resist the big, tough, cute hair stylist...Can't imagine...and there will cost my arse like RM 50 a small hair trimming session. Not again, where is the Choy Shen?

Short of Cash

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