Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hair updo without hair ties, clip or pin

People who know me well knew that I do not like to leave my fair free.
I always tie my hair normally high up and clear my fringe so I look fresher and it doesn't bother me whenever and whatever I am doing.
But I have a thing in losing my hair tie, or commonly known as hair band. Especially lately, I need to walk to school and walk back home, please imagine the sun near to Chinese New Year kind of heat and hot.
I am so grateful that I always can find a pencil or pen nearby. So it solve the problem most of the time. Just now I came across this youtube, hair updo tutorial, which is very very useful.
As a Bati student, particularly Interpretation class, we are trained to be neat and bun-ny. For girls la, for sure. This is really helpful, and learning a new thing tonight make my Christmas very meaningful. click here to view the clip
You know ROME was not built in one day, so as the tutor said, you might need to try couple of time. Anyway to be frank, the couple of time will really tired your arm and neck up.
Happy trying. I did it, sure can you

learn a new thing a day

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