Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Chorus

Today’s(sorry it was a week ago, since I started to write the beginning at the time but stuck somewhere till now, sincere apology) class was quite interesting as we need no to prepare for any topic concerning. It’s indeed lighten up my day but somehow I have to admit here to Dr Jafre: I am so sorry that the previous blog that I should write but in fact I have not even start a single word, feel so sinful. Well I will try to post it within this week.
The Chorus, I never aspect it to be a French movie but anyway thanks God I did not sleep in the class. Actually the theme of the movie does impress me but unfortunately I doubt the originality of the disc, It stuck every now and then especially on the climate and the scene where the children were singing. Whenever Dr. is approaching the player, it will function like normal then.
The story start with one of the character flash back the to the year of 1949 if I am not mistaken, where they were in a boy boarding school. The setting of the story is central region of French. And roughly the story is about how Clement Matthiu try hard to help the children here by teaching them to sing, of course there is a lot of things they go through. In the end I believe this story somehow impress everyone in the class, it just bring us to some thought.
As for myself, I have to admit that I love choir and especially sang by children, so whenever I heard choir in any occasion with all the meaningful lyrics and sweet voices, I can’t help but my eye will started to flooded by my tears, I know it sound funny, but they are so touching that the melody really moves my heart. In the movie they sang nice song, but unfortunately I am not French interpret so I doesn’t get the meaning of their lyrics, thanks God again I did not cry in the class. Anyway the soloist Morhange is actually a true singer in the real life. His voice is so amazing flawless.
The attitude of the supervisor, Clement should be praise as well. The patient he possessed to teach these student is something I believe I can’t do as good as him. As we know the student in the Fond de’l Etang meaning “bottom of the well” is from not an affluent family, most of them are dumped out, orphan or problematic one. Thus they will be a bit difficult to approach them, as the environment where they has been brought up influence them a lot. So I could see that they are trying to put protecting shield from the supervisor. But Clement’s never say never attitude eventually build a choir group that indeed made everyone in the school even closer to each other. There where the scene of the principal take the initiative to play soccer with the school member. His effort has finally bonded everybody together.
His passion of music has once again been light up when he find out that the children there can really sing well. So he started to use his talent to help the student, and it did work out. These can also be reflect in our real life whereby if we were to do something up to our strength, where we were good at as a kick start. We’ll be more passionate doing it, and for sure we’ll be able to handle this more easily. So in my point of view, whatever we want to do we have to love to do it at first, and then we’ll be doing it well.
The story in the other hand shows us that deep down in a children heart, here I refer to the naughty one, they are always kind and innocent. Their pass has created who they are in the present. May be they just need a bit of attention. Is not an easy task to bought up a children, from the story I realize the responsibility of a guardian to always guide them with a lot of love and patient. Thus in impact I know that in the future I’ll have to provide the best for my children. And let them joining a choir group seems to be a good idea as well. Hahahaha…