Monday, December 01, 2008

Music and Lyrics

Sometimes you just need a movie to blow your day off. It wasn't any touching to your heart piece, but anyway with the huge cast,
I believe it somehow worth watching.

Hugh Grant

Drew Barrymore

Like the accent of Hugh Grant, and the hair of Drew Barrymore .
Think I will look good in that?

That was this script in the movie whereby Sophie by Barrymore's sister in the movie named Ronda, actually tell her how to tell a man if he is passionate over you or not.

"I think you just see it in their eyes,
you feel it in your touch,
In Gary case is when he said to his mother:
"I'm marrying Ronda ANYWAY.""

doesn't it sound cool.

I wasn't very fascinating by the songs in the movie as aLex has long send me all the tracks but
forgive me cause I just finally download the player to play the CD Jas lend me, quite long ago.

=all I'm asking you is to not write me off, just yet=

The track -pop goes my heart- was totally old school funny.
Another scene that seems awkwardly amusing was the Cara's concert
where she came out behind the Buddha statue,
I was like WTF??!!!


So^naK said...

this song is in my fav list..n my must-sing song in redbox..;p

=DeNIsE= said...

you mean pop goes my heart?

So^naK said...

nope dear..way back into love..