Friday, February 26, 2010

I can’t believe that we are approaching the first quarter of the year.
So are you a step forward to the goal that you set earlier in the year.
I’m never a determine person, rarely a goal catcher.
I always believe in living according to the heart desire.
I’ll do whatever, whenever I want to do it. – One of those people

Teen was right, or everyone else is right.
How can one live without a goal.
Where are you heading to?
What is the purpose of living?

So I come to mind that I might not be a big planner.
I can’t foresee the future to far ahead.
I hardly stress myself out to reach the infinite,
I like things to happen naturally.

Hence I guess, perhaps I can make some short term goal, things that I can achieve within shorter period with more obvious result.

It will make things lots easier for me.
Let’s see.
Thus far, I have got enough funds to clear my first debt.
The second debt which I pay by instalment has only got 3 months left.
So practically I have been closer to fulfil the few 2010 resolutions of mine.
I was thinking Denise Liew, bRaVo, BraVo!

Coming up might be the PTPTN, study loan payback arrangement. Should get things started soon.
And hell ya, what about to install the air-cond in my bedroom …
Now is just the perfect time.

Basically I have started to practice a better sleeping habit except during Chinese New Year.

And setting a shorter monthly goal of not smoking seems to work well.
Thus I have been a good girl for monthx2z.
This could be due to the changes of my status to a part timer at jet*. -less stress

Apart of that, I did not miss any of my Sunday Service just yet and my wish of joining the worship dream might be realize after I join the karaoke session on the Chinese New Year youth gathering.

~Blessed is me~


Friday, February 19, 2010


打开电脑,开了new post页面, 还是有点空白.该写些什么呢?


就去探望他, 篱笆没有锁, 我们四个就在哪儿与爸爸谈了一会儿.


Monday, February 08, 2010



update pls

malfunction nose

Tonight I realized that I am handicap when my nose blocked.
By losing the sense of smell, I can't differentiate my shampoo and body shampoo.
Usually I can recognized my body shampoo fragrance cause it was so nice.
Tonight I squeeze it out and shampoo my hair happily,
but it felt extremely rough on my hair, so I thought it was because I dyed my hair.
Never mind, than I put more conditioner later.

Done with my hair, and wanted to reach my hand to the body shampoo bottle,
why is it the same bottle?
Okay fine, lets do the shampoo again,

heard it was good.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

So many times I gave up.
I tell myself, I'll leave, I have done all I could.
And if I am not, I'll throw my tantrum right in to your face,
say that I don't care anymore.
It's your life friend, no matter how much one would like to help you,
you are still the key of your own heart.

So many times I feel like slapping you to wake you up from all
those bs philosophy you have got to defense.
So many times I feel like bombing you with sarcastic word.
I hold back, I speak to myself, those line.
I digest it, I ask God, and It shouldn't be the way.

It should be mere LoVe.
Thus I am still here, sitting next to you.

I LoVe Friend, please LoVe yourself too

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

How are you toDay

I am feeling very blank in fact.
I have done so much, experienced different feeling...
and yet I keep it so cool.
A couple of days ago, my morning started bad.
My rice box jatuh after I took it our from the microwave oven.
it fell with bottom touch on ground, so it wasn't that bad,
I kutip the egg and fish that scatter on the floor and then put it back into the box,
dust with a lot of black pepper and of course I finished it.

I psycho myself, put a grin on your face
Good things will tag along.
So my day ended happily.

hope you get the moral of the story.