Wednesday, November 26, 2008

After Battle

I can't recall the last time I am being so sleepy up to an extend I was actually sleeping in KFC.

It should all start from the first night I reached Summit Hotel for the Jom Heboh, Batu Kawan. It was on Friday, right after my last paper of Sociolinguistics, I was starving since I'd extract all my brain juice to throw out some letters on that sheets. So I then I have to walk up to U-heights to meet my driver roommate rEis as if she drive in its gonna be a great congestion here. There I gain more hungriness. Finally I hop up the car and we were both craving for food already, so we change our first destination to some food outlet, then we came to E-Gate, and had our Subway sandwiches. By the way, we have been ordering delivery dinner for 2 days in a row.

So then I carried my 25kg 3 bags, one with all books to study for my JLPT this 7th Dec, one with my clothing, one with lum lum sum sum and laptop, none with MJ the Somoan+NZ baby girl or the rabits from East Osaka, but I am pretty sure it was as heavy as that suitcase. I took the ferry to cross over to the mainland and ride a bus to BM Plaza. I was the first to reach the hotel, pity the rest who'd to work at the site.

I checked in to my room, showered and slept for awhile, hehe. Some knock on my door, they'd arrived. We went for a drink at a mamak nearby, came back to the room, chatting and we all slept around 3 ka. The fact was my bedmate can't really fall asleep, so did I.

We met at the cafe at 7am. Work and came back around 10:30pm, in Japanese they say, おかげさまで=托福=thanks to xx. It was earlier than I expected. Me and Chai Chui had some good time teasing Shi Ying and her Choc Milk. We ordered a Hawaian Chicken Regular, which doesn't seems very sufficient for 4 of us. Anyway we were good. Fell asleep around 2, thought I can get up. At least some on can. The assemble time was 7am for breakfast, and bus leaving at 7:30am.

7:20am Simon called. Shit, I want to eat breakfast. Can't believe he is the one who wake me up, as I'd been worry that he'll not be able to get up on time since he went out late the night before. Shame on me.

Well, Sunday the final day. I don't know why, everybody think I am not playing any game. Hmm...I did and it was as same as the previous all. Bumped out done finally at 10:30pm or later. The seafood feast it worth a little. We all then had 10 min each to shower and meet at the lobby at 1:30am to leave Penang.

I was the first to rush in to the both room and get myself done, so I still on time to have someone's promise implement. We went for a quick drink. I am good. Guess I did walking on straight line on my way back to hotel.

Everyone, I bet sleep like pig on the bus. Uncle David was driving fast, we reach Kelana Jaya Station at 6 something. Thanks for William the birthday sick boy, practicing his gentlemanliness. Carried my all books bag all the way till he left the lrt at Pandan Jaya. It was drizzling went I reach Cempaka, like usual I rather spend more than waiting for the real fucking bus to move it ass. I took a cab home. The uncle Taxi

Thought I can get some rest, but I am not. Breakfast with mum and sisters. Preparing another Butter Milk Chicken for lunch before accompany my little sister to go for interview in some place in Salak South.

We took a cab to the lrt st. then transfer line to Salak South. From there we suppose to take a cab to the interview place. There we met a lot of young (for me) boys and girls heading to the same place. We eventually bump in to one guy and sat in a same cab with him. By the way I met someone I work with before in the funny warehouse. But I can't dig his name out of my memory. Maybe something Hoe.

Well, she went up for interview or probably briefing. I find cooler place, planing to read while waiting. I then walk in to KFC, ordered an Ice Milo, walk up to the first floor. Settle down, lie on the table. I wish I did not snore. I was terribly sleepy.

I guess I sleep for quite some time there. Then we return home. At night I was studying on a bed for some times, then I lay down, I close my eyes, some one wake me up, I told her I am not sleepy, wake me up at 11pm. By the time I wake up it was 10:45am the next day.

It was Tuesday aLready. Good Morning sunshine.

Happy belated birthday to William and Eddy. Both was late, but all it counts is the sincerity's, wasn't it.

Guess I spent the whole night writing this piece. and I should get on bed now.
Good Night Starshine...

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