Friday, November 14, 2008

I wanted to write something

I polished my nail, very bad skill. I have to admit that I am fat and I am not good in grooming my self. So I like to have red nails. But not the one I am wearing on now, I like something like scarlet, bloody red on my lovely finger. Its really dirty now, you know we need time to brush up skills too pa.

I will be cooking butter milk chicken again, this time to love feast my long lost friend, Kok Loon. It had been some time since we last hang out. He ask me out for lunch, he said he has no plan, may be we should go to some place that we never go before. I was running out of cash to try new stuff. So I offered him to try my new dish.

I cooked that on Monday to Reis and Tzyy Yun already. and they like the sauce. but one thing its very very fatening. Which is probably doing good for my beloved guest tomorrow, he who had suffered from underweight for half or his whole life. He needs some fat.

Butter Milk Chicken 奶油鸡 was invented by my grandma, she ate something similar in the restaurant once, ONLY. She came home and innovated, adapt it from pork to chicken. Just to share the simple recipe.

You need some
  • wing- cut into wing and small drumstick ( faham x)
  • drumstick- 1 cut into 3 pieces.
  • butter- the whole block
  • Ideal Milk-Malaysian will know that
  • Small chili-cut into small small pieces
  • curry leaves-for fragrant
  • some seasoning
Steps are...

  1. Cleans the chicken and season it with salt, thick soy sauce, soy sauce, and sugar. (haha, I have no measurement)
  2. Season it for a while or longer if you have time. Deep fry the chicken until you notice the skin get like golden.
  3. Drain the fried chicken, set it a side. Now prepare for the sauce.
  4. Melt the butter (as much as you think is appropriate with the quantity of your chicken) on the wok.
  5. Add in the small chili and curry leaves, also appropriate amount. Fry for a moment.
  6. Now add the Ideal milk. The sauce will become light brown. Pour in the oil drained chicken. (important to drain it)
  7. Cook until the sauce get thick, add some taste, sugar or salt or soy souce according to own likeness.
  8. Cook until the sauce get as thick as you like than its done.
Wow!!! Can't believe it, my first recipe writing.

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