Sunday, December 14, 2008

Short Term 2do list

  1. Wash bags- red adidas backpack (borrow from Susilla), My own adidas backpack, Catrade red shoulder bag, pencil case. green Thailand elephant sling bag, ELLE shoulder bag.- Walau damn lot man.
  2. Wash shoe-Converse flower, Yonex badminton shoe
  3. Wash fan-the one in my room hanging on the ceiling
  4. Clean my wardrobe- or you can call it an open wardrobe.
  5. Buy a lot of fruits-melon, banana, mango, grape, kiwi
  6. Call school-find out why can't I do my registration online, Man I passed all the subject ok.
  7. Pay my phone bill-before I get barr
  8. Upload photo in Facebook- blame the stupid dumass facebook photo uploader, pending my Melaka trip's.
  9. Find a 2nd hand bicycle-do you have any?
  10. Sports-Ping Pong, badminton, swimming, squash
  11. Healing hands- remoisturize my palm and from this too


矛木 = cj said...

chengyan, i hv a bike, if i dun work in penang after finish study, i might wanna sell it out.
if u hvent got 1 at that time, juz let me know k?i will gv u a good price.heehee

=DeNIsE= said...

u mean a bicycle or a motorbike?