Tuesday, December 16, 2008

KaBocha SouP

Wasn't for the festive sake, Pumpkin has always been my favorite.

I once made Orange Pumpkin Soup, Well.

=DeN's Kitchen=

proudly present

~ManGo Pumpkin Soup~

You bet it is lips licking yumm...

First of all we need a

prepare broth while you peel the pumpkin skin off.

I did it with the Knorr beef cube

(Uniliver should pay me)
as I like pepper so much I crushed some black pepper and dump into the broth.

Cut the pumpkin in to small cube put it in to a steamer
steam until it become as soft as this

Heat the butter and fine chopped garlic in a frying pan

Add in the soften pumpkin when you smell the fragrant.
Mash to paste like

in the mean time, sprinkle a lil salt and pepper to taste.

Take out your food processor,
put in the pumpkin paste and scoop some of these

into the food processor

now you shall be blend in to


add some broth to ease the blending job
a good processor can avoid leaking when you add the broth in.

The puree or smoothies as it should be will now be transfer
to a pot or wok

slowly mix the broth with the puree
add curry leaf depend on own likeness.
simmer for a while
and its DONE!

Come on help yourself!
Serve it hot or cold.

I am so proud of myself.

People, aLL I want for Chrismast is a piece of RED apron.
and I will be officially recognize as

=Chef DeN=

Everything of cooking are good but
when it come to

Oh my battle field.

call me Genius

So in LoVe with myself


Kelsen said...

weeiii Genius~

=DeNIsE= said...

Yes Genius I am, how can I help you?
Want some soup?

Soontar Cerulien said...

Good job soldier! Feeding the troops a hearty meal like this will guarantee victory!!

Anonymous said...


Pumpkins /spears are very cheap here.

I planted them b4 but since its so cheap I stopped planting them---its very easy to plant.

I cut them into thick slices to bake them...very nice.

Steam them.0r salad mixed them

Steam tray pumpkin cake of them.

And of course make soup with fried bacon, onions with cream...

I'm ccooking the soup 2 morrow.

I shall spare U A BIG BOWL

Cheers Uncle GeoGeo

=DeNIsE= said...

aLex: I miss you...when we meet later, me, you, Petey,I will warm all your heart with my soup.

Uncle George: You promise to spare me a big bowl, please come home from the hospital tomorrow. Can't wait for the soup.