Thursday, October 29, 2009


Early morning yesterday I woke up and collect my car at the car wash across the road, drive to the park.

Jog like less than 15 mins, I felt as if I am going to faint; wonder how can I survive the Penang Marathon though its only Fun Run- 10KM duh.

Bath and groomed, pick up Reis at Tiara Duta, head to KLCC for lunch at Sakae, everything was fine until we left and window shop at Parkson, as this ass itch me went into the fitting room to try out a pair of shorts, I left my hand phone on the chair. When I realize that about 5 mins later, it was too late. It was no longer there. So then I lost my hand phone.

Suppose to meet up Kevin for movie and dinner treat. Plan still go on but it gets a little bit complicated as I have to contact him via public phone booth which was placed in quite a hidden area in Sunway Pyramid.

So we did meet up in the end, watch the meatball, 3D animation-my treat. T.G.I sirloin steak and lamb chop, his. I am planning to bring him to food foundry next time.

Muscle are still in slight pain, but really have to boost my stamina from now, if not Kevin can really see me passing out on the bridge when he is doing his half marathon while I am on my Fun Run.

Assigned my little sister to get me a 2nd hand phone, budget below RM200. I am really running out of this, yesterday was the pay day, I am close to dry. Haih…Hope we can still live in the world where hand phone is still not a necessity.



Sunday, October 25, 2009


At Last something great happen.
So the lesson of the day is you have to endure, until the end….
There is never NEVER.

I was late (~got late/ LAID?~) to work today as I thought my schedule is on the 12-9 instead of 11-8.
So that was just the beginning,
I answered 3 calls, and it took me 1hr and 15 mins.
Oh My F**king DUT………
My AHT was like 1500sec…
The rest of the day I was just chasing my AHT and
hoping it is now at least on the edge of 300.
Calls after call on a Sunday…not good
until I end my shift, then only the IDLE came.

Anyway, on my last call I finally rent out the 1st car of the day.
Then I go to 4th floor for a puffer,,,
The phone rang and so goes the long lost miss Susi…
“ Denise, are you free, next Saturday?”
“I am getting marry…”

Congratulation my dear, 1st best friend’s wedding that I am attending.
Hope this is the beginning of all GOOD things…
Bless is the baby….

Trip to Penang, accommodation settled, might have grand hotel stay with cheap price too…
How about a BBQ and drinking session?

I am LoVing LiFe…..

LoG from office


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Corperate Wear Day

I must have missed a breath of fresh air in the office yesterday...
Should have check in to check out what a scene it has been...
Wish I was there, I am a very corporate wear person...
I am


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

stiLL not an animal LoVer

I am never DoG person, to be frank never an animal person.
Tonight I heard of 2 Dog stories, which touch my heart abit, just a wee abit.

Wesley is Cher Ru's dog, I met him once, he is white and fluffy, not very big.
I am not too good in describing dog, not my type though.
According to Cher Ru, Wesley can really understand human's emotion, at least he understand his master.
When she was sad and crying in front of him, he will lick her tears dry.
Don't you think that is sweet?
Anyway I still won't let a dog come near me, don't even think of licking me, please.

Kar Sang's 小白 left the family tonight, about a few hours ago.
Though I never meet the dog, but apparently they have share a lot of memory together.
This dog must have been a loyal dog and had bring so much fun to the family once.
Tonight he'll sleep in peace. and I hope that he'll ascend to heaven.
Though I can't really comprehend the relationship between human and dog.
but I can truly understand the hardship of losing a family member.

Pray for Wesley long life so to unceasingly entertain my friend when she is sad, and I wasn't around for dinner.
Pray for 小白 to rest in peace, and Kar Sang to overcome the emotion very soon.

how to LoVe a Dog

Sunday, October 18, 2009



我不是一定要你回來,只是當又把回憶翻開,除了你之外的 空白,還有誰能來教我愛...



Dear friend

In fact, my wish has come true...
but that's not the point and again I miss the mark...
Lately I heard a few friends have lost their parents...
I can feel the pain,
even though I am just glancing at the picture, reading the line...

thinking of that can kill me...
I tear in my heart every single time...

I know you must have heard about 10 thousand times from your friends, your love one asking you to be STRONG and TOUGH
Dear friend, I'm here to tell you, you have aLL the reasons to be not strong,
to be weak and cry all night, cry after you waking up from a dream of seeing them,
cry whenever you heard the word s/he said to you once,
cry whenever you walk past the memory lane...

Cry whenever you imagine they will not appear in your wedding portrait,
they will not be there to witness your future...

You have all the reason...

So you do not need pretend to be tough,
you need LoVe and care...

I will say TIME will cure the pain...though it'll take very long...
Take Care...

in memory

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wishing for a rainy OFF day,
sipping tea in front of the window,


Wednesday, October 14, 2009


说着说着, 他竟然问我说,你有去过露营吗?



每天每夜,看的听的做的, 统统都那么急促匆忙,除了鼻子以外,眼睛耳朵双手甚至双脚还有心灵都喘着气。动态的城市,汽车,捷运,行人,来来往往。




Thursday, October 01, 2009



以赛亚书 26:9a 夜间我心中羡慕你。我里面的灵切切寻求你。


“我等候耶和华,我的心等候。我也仰望他的话。”【诗篇 130:5】

“次日早晨,天未亮的时候,耶稣起来,到旷野地方去,在那里祷告。”马可福音 1:35】

一个有仆人之心的人一听到神的命令就立即行动。“我急忙遵守你的命令,并不迟延。”【诗篇 119:60】看一看你是不是殷勤地寻求神的命令,在哪些方面你也许延迟遵行。