Monday, August 31, 2009

My hair

Recently I got a hair cut, you all knew it right.
What you might not know is that,
( me personally was unaware of as well)

This is actually the same as how I looked like 11 years ago,
when I was in my primary 6.
Thank for Chang Chew to remind us about that.
Good to have old friend around.

I LoVe you guys

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

One of the Chienese Valentine

According to lunar calender, today is the 7th of the 7th month, which we acknowledge it as 七夕, I would said what a romantic word. Today is one of the few Chinese Valentine Day, apart from the last day of Chinese New Year, Chap Gor Mei.

As I am already fond of the number 7, I already like this day. As much as I like it, just as I have it embroiled in my heart now.

Four years ago, around this time...
Father might has just breath his last breath...

In this memorable day, I wish he would be proud of what I am doing today.
aLx said he will...
I choose to believe him...

I think I need a HuG.

I LoVe you, papa

Monday, August 24, 2009

The excitement of a Kei Ma

She decided to keep the baby. As one of her best friend, I choose not to be a rational friend. I am excited to be one of the baby's many races Kei Ma. I just want to be a supportive friend. I LoVe you, and will always do...
May God bLess you and the baby.

Stand by you

Saturday, August 22, 2009



下班驾车回家的路上,听见988的studioV 现场演唱节目。
不择可否, 虽然我愿意-经典
现场自弹自唱了Olivia Ong 的 如烟,燕姿的祝你开心(家辉作品),栋梁的平静曲(家辉作品).

除了伍家辉,也想向大家推荐Manhand, 大马第一支以广东话为主流的饶舌乐队.

Made in Malaysia


你大可以一言不发,呆在一旁, 看他讲道理。


AleXis@The Garden

B4 the interpreting assignment

Thursday, August 20, 2009

JoB MaGneT

This was sort of a lingo between Syl and we the group.
He invented this term when we were still in campus, leaving live as a full time freelancer( part time student).
I just got another offer from a job I applied like months back in jobstreet.
When I said another one...meaning said I had one before this.

OmG, is that the answer of my prayer?


Theresa Goh: "人"到用时方恨少

This indicate how important to build your network from now on and continuously, though so, quality network is as well one essential key to success. As written somewhere I read in the small self development hand book Sze Sze gave me, "you only need to get through 4 persons to know the people you are looking for".

Samuel Chew: 在这行,你不需要名片,越是有名片,臭名传得越快
Then I realize, me always delaying my plan to print name card suddenly became a blessed thing.
Guess I can't stay here that long, I have to let go before I risk my reputation in this field.
Bye bye $.