Thursday, December 04, 2008

Some Updates

Think I am not ready for any fancy or sentimental writing. Thus below were some of my latest update.

1. I bought a hand phone finally. For all my life I'd never buy a cell cost more than 300$. Well I refuse to put buying fon in my to buy list after so long my phone stolen. Kept using rEis's extra fon and eyeing for the no one want fon at home, 8250 ka, or the flip fon J is curently using. Up to an extend that J actually give me RM100 to sposor me to get a fon. I just don't think that I need a fon so badly. But since the sky had droped some $$$ to me. So I think its time. I got myself a SE K770i, should be quite a good one. with cyber shot, 3.2MP. Thanks for the help of Gwen my little sister, I got a clean and beautifuly victory of RM600.

2. I got this very cool job, recomend by a senior Hanyu to Mervin and then refer to me, as an interpreter, never on earth I dream of me myself eaarning the money of interpreter. Its to interpret from Mandarin to English for a Philipino. It was a marketing research company near KLCC, TNS-Taylor Nelson Sofres, and they were conducting a focus group discussion regarding some product. I did not know what the heck was that product before hand nor I have any dick of infomation. So I was like a blinded fly bravely step in the war zone. Thanks God, my agent, Sam called after the assignment. The client was very satisfied. It really boost my confident. By the way something more exciting was that one of the client is actually one cute guy I know off from KJH 2008, he was one of the client there then too.

3. I am back in Bidor, the place I once very familiar with, now still, the most familiar one. It does developed a lot, The basketball court was brush in red and white paint by the local DAP. The essential of this coming back was to see all my niece and nephews all grown up fat and toothless. Spent some precious time with them, the whole day. As usual, we will have KFC session. Its like every time I come back, my job is to bring them to the KFC and gran some chicken home. Anyway, =ah gor= let me drive his Honda City, which is very complicated to use the car key in the first place. But thanks for giving chance. He look very weak today, I hope he get well soon. Now I am very scare of losing another family member.

4.Planing to take the new shutter service from Ipoh- KL Sentral after I finish my JLPT in Ipoh. Read more HERE.It can go as low as RM1 for promotion

Don't you ever try to look for an ending, there will be never ending...


teefernee. said...

who is that cute KJH client? Kenneth? hehee

=DeNIsE= said...

You think Kenneth cute kah?
We have different

teefernee. said...

Kenneth is not bad la. Cos training that time, a lot of girls also say Kenneth is cute ma. I tot so la.

So, your taste is Shaun la. Haha!

=DeNIsE= said...

Kenneth is ok la, but abit skinny lo, I still remember during training, his shirt is red and white one, then hor, one side got tucked in one side left out lo...
Big touch guy catch my eyes