Friday, December 19, 2008

Hey Dear...

"Hey DeaR...bla bla bla"
So your friend thought you are talking to your boyfriend.
I was surprise by my colleague Cloey that after I hang my phone today, Cloey looking at me and ask curiously: " who are you talking to? Boyfriend a?"
Do we really sound that intimate?
What's wrong with them? So envy of

in LoVe with Jas


So^naK said...

think they reali envy of us

CarrotEgg said...

similar thing happen to me...
i put my best-est fren's nick as dear dear
then everyone thot is my girlfren~~
woot!!! :P

=DeNIsE= said...

ya, sometimes we become the girlfriend, sometimes we become the boy friend.
By the way, I like one of your vest thing, which is black and long in the front, I saw in your pic, where did you get it?