Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I am SORRY, I can't help

If you have seen me lately, you know my life is in a big mess, my nest is in a big mess, my final year project is in a big mess, I have to surrender and admit that I am in a deep big shit
-" life sucks" quote Jaya beside me.

I have to get my things all pack up today and move my ass off that room in N Paark,
parasite in some anybody's room, I mean i still don't know where to...
interview with aLtera which I have not prepare the resume and Japanese writing they wanted,
Finish my fucking FYP which keep procrastinate itself week after week
Do my last interpretation test on Wednesday?/Thursday?
Grab some clothing for the BATI dinner before Friday, the DAY
Attend the grooming RETRO night
Drive back to KL the very next day, unload all the 4 years stuffs I keep here,
More interview, with Japan Embassy-Monday, JAC-Tuesday
Drive back to return the car to Bidor,
catch a bus back to KL...

This is not the point, I am sorry because I got a bad news from Miaw Ling.
She never send me a written mail, she did yesterday. I guess she felt very helpless now,
the grandma is in critical condition, once a brain cancer survival, got her second attack several years after that.
The doctor is being very pessimist, they had send her home, counting days...

Suddenly I felt so small, that there are so little that I can do.
I reply her message, hopefully I can pay her a visit on Saturday before I go back to KL.
Jasmine, the other day's outing was not very ideal for me as well. I was darn fuck up with all the stacked up task. But when you sms me, I know that you have been missing me a lot, so I decided to go out with you. Sorry I was not being a caring enough friend there then. I wish I can compensate some time later. I am really BUSY right now, struggling to catch a breath, as if I am going to drown in to deep sea...

Samuel call me yesterday, I gave up a 1.5k 3 days job....I am too busy...
I can hear the dripping of blood in my heart...
oh baby$$$, not thaat mummy don't want you...
I am sorry, I really can't help

*got to meet Madelyn before I leave

I feel blue

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Sep 2007@中部大学,名古屋












Friday, March 27, 2009

I wish...

I wish I can start working something up...

I wish...


Thursday, March 26, 2009

I will be off

I will be taking off to Ipoh tomorrow 3:00pm after LHP456 interview session with Pn. Zuraidah.

Its time for Ching Meng. Dad always tell us that this day is more important than Chinese New Year.
Its been so long since I visit dad's. I miss him, mostly when I was thinking that he can't witness my graduation.

Just came back from Jusco, simply grab some sweets for the kids tomorrow. Got 2 packs of mash mallow, lot 100 for them, dry kiwi and Clorects for myself. Japanese toothbrush for mum...
Guess that's all... now guess how much all this cost?
almost RM20. =DIU...7 gui=

Ticket back to Ipoh, another RM20. But I am excited though.

ONE more major assignment to go...
gambare, women

Bob the builder...YES WE CAN!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tang Soon Yew

Tang Soon Yew, ah Yow we call him. One of my brotherhood back in Bidor.
We know each other since we were in primary school.
He was once the school top 3 student when we were in standard 4 and 5.
He told me it was because during that time, he thinks people who scores well in the exam
seems to be very cool, so he wants to be like them too. So there.
Later we grew older, like most of the Bidor boy, you will start hanging out at the basket ball court.
He then find the basket ball player very cool, so he started his journey in excelling in this sports.
He shoot with his left hand, I remember. I become a fan of this game.
I still remember he lend me his MVP情人, he bought the original and got me addicted.
I was a sport idiot there then, he tells me a lot of funny and interesting stories in the court. I got to know a lot of new faces, hilarious tale.
He has a very caring mum, funny grandma and dad that play badmintion with mine.
Small town, theres that.

We went to the same high school. After the graduation, we all have different path. I can hardly catch up with them. But whenever we meet, the never ending jokes still go on. I came across his blog not very long ago. I was surprise that he writes too. I am happy to know that, he is doing well. You know, when you work over the sea, people will have the impression that you are doing good. So I just want to make a conclusion that you are doing well there.

Today, from my link to his blog, I read his most recent update. Tears can't help dropping from the cheek. He is going to end his 6 years relationship with an engagement ring.
I am so proud of him that he actually take this BIG step in his life.
You have the gut to give the commitment, you are the MAN, wei..
I am so looking forward for your wedding...don't left me out then...

Proud of you

Monday, March 23, 2009

Are you still thinking about your ex?

Your ex clearly broke your heart and you haven't yet moved on. Remember that time heals all sorrows, so look positively towards the future. Don't be blinded to the love that might be surrounding you right now.

Nuh uh...aLx, what do you think?
maybe its not just merely my ex (the official), but with my ex-ES
and serious crush...
which CRUSHED my heart...
Quite True there...

moving forward

copy cat...QuiZ

Do this QuiZ

Your view on yourself:

You are down-to-earth and people like you because you are so straightforward. You are an efficient problem solver because you will listen to both sides of an argument before making a decision that usually appeals to both parties.

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:

You like serious, smart and determined people. You don't judge a book by its cover, so good-looking people aren't necessarily your style. ( betulkah?) This makes you an attractive person in many people's eyes.

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:

You prefer to get to know a person very well before deciding whether you will commit to the relationship.

The seriousness of your love:

Your have very sensible tactics when approaching the opposite sex. In many ways people find your straightforwardness attractive, so you will find yourself with plenty of dates.

Your views on education

Education is very important in life. You want to study hard and learn as much as you can.

The right job for you:

You're a practical person and will choose a secure job with a steady income. Knowing what you like to do is important. Find a regular job doing just that and you'll be set for life.

How do you view success:

Success in your career is not the most important thing in life. You are content with what you have and think that being with someone you love is more than spending all of your precious time just working.

What are you most afraid of:

You are afraid of having no one to rely on in times of trouble. You don't ever want to be unable to take care of yourself. Independence is important to you.

Who is your true self:

You are full of energy and confidence. You are unpredictable, with moods changing as quickly as an ocean. You might occasionally be calm and still, but never for long.

Quite True

Saturday, March 21, 2009

I DUT!@#$%^&* YOU!!!

I was back to KL for a job on Thursday...
My house got fucking broke in twice in 2 days...

to be continue

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I understand these might provoke some, but don't be...
It is just out of fun...and intuition...

So you have at least live in this world for 20 years or more,
if you are reading my blog.

You must have had a lot of friends sharing the same name,
how do you find these people with the same name?
Have you ever make some generalization and put a conclusion on them?

I have notice that people with the name Rachel
tend to be the eldest in the family
they are apparently bitchy, arrogant, snobbish.
Ego. Leo.
Kontrol emosi.

People with YAN are most of them plump,
gemuk la tu...

Share with me about yours...



Lately job interview has become a very hot topic, among the pre-graduate.
If you attend those workshop, the speaker will tell you, you have to sell yourself during interview.
So YOU are your product.
I am proud of myself as well as my product.

Not only I like to be featured, especially under sharp pen@cool friend@ good writer=JeanJean
I felt important, every time I was mention by her...in the blog...
I was like a shining star...I appreciate each and every word...
and most of all I treasure the memory and the friendship we share.

As I said "not only" means, other than me myself are being featured, my product =DeN's=
is being more widely read.
I have got secret reader from Bristol, London...if you know who you are, please register yourself.
Then I have reader from Central Distric,Hong Kong China, which I'd found out whom he was-Tomy my HK FB friend. and reader from TaiChung, Taiwan which turn out to be my primary school's classmate- Soon Yew( if you are interested he blog too)
I once had an Singaporean mystery reader.
I am very grateful to have all of you here, thousand TQ...of course not forgetting, widest range reader from Batu Uban, Penang.
Butterworth&Bkt Mertajam, Penang@Ampang, KL@JB, Johor...
I don't need a lot of customer to buy me, all I need are reader who are really care to read about my life, enjoy my writing, appreciate my sharing and laugh at my jokes...

Shining Star

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bukit Hijau

[22] Ever been on a last minute vacation?
No. I can never do that. Everything needs a plan.

To explain to this Q&A the other day on 300-200
I would like to deny this answer as this was not my answer but Tiff's,
cause I accidentally missed this one.

I have been to some when I was younger,
dad is always a last minute trip traveler,
Mum is used to that.
I like that feeling too.

Today, I message Tai Lo when I was in church, I want to go to check out the food fair in PISA.
I ask if he has any plan, he reply that Chin Teng is inviting them to go to there too.
So I join them, LAST MINUTE. Six of us miraculously fit in ABU- Kok Loon's car.

We went there and were all a little disappointed, but we got ourselves 3 Sunday Star with 3 free magazine each set. Since we can't find real food there, we make a decision in the end to have lunch in Old Town, I wish I remember the name of the place, that one near to the KFC, me and Jas used to makan mid9 when Sg 2 one has not start operating 24 hours.

We spend like an hour or more there, reading papers, magazines, chatting, eating, drinking and most importantly discussing where to spend the rest of the day.
Either way Pei En was expecting a SPLENDID SUNDAY which she could go back to office tomorrow and tell her colleague that how awesome her weekend was.
After ages of meeting and severals suggestion, we had ban fishing, gaming, movie, Borders and not fishing.

We are heading to BUKIT HIJAU, Kedah.
Everyone get so excited. One by one we went home to get ready and just before we departing, Penang was like raining cats and dogs. We are still very optimist until we reach the bridge.
It does not seems positive and our Master of Tourism Malaysia-Chin Teng too started to worry.

As we follow his instruction, we took the right turn on the 5th traffic light.
The sky in Bukit Hijau is gratefully bright.
I won't say it sunny as apparently there were rain just before.
After 1hour and a half. WE ARE HERE!!!
Bukit Hijau the well known recreation water fall. I was long for a nature retreat.
This is the time. The water is icy cold. and I learn a new term today.
Hypothermia- click click click.
Chin Teng was all along the way flu...
Kok Loon got his lips' colour change to light purple...
Thus got chase after to leave the pool by the mother duck...oops...

Did not manage to eat oo bui-yam rice in Chai Leng's Park, we end up eating at this place call Friendship Garden.
Reach home around 10 something...
Thx for a contented weekend...
These are the people who treat me real good...

Headache-over excited

Friday, March 13, 2009

close your eyes

Finally he rest his lips.
he shut his eyes,
pace down his breath,
relax his limbs,
lying on the floor he sleep.

He is one cute monkey,
we call him Ammar,
if you want to know


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

ReD NosE

I suppose to be baby sitting now.
I felt cold, for a moment my heart felt cold.

Sunny: If you are sure you caught a cold, PLEASE go.

I know, the intention and my responsibility as a human to not
spread virus around.

Sent back home from work.






Sunday, March 08, 2009


I have been attending the course night for the past 2 years.
I went for the one with senior at E&O hotel which was really cool.
E&O was the first hotel in Penang specially built to welcome the Queen back to the colonial time.
The theme for that year was "Eastern & Oriental"
I wore Saree for the first time of my life.
I shed my tears as usual when they show
the slide show of their picture in USM through this 3 years.

After I come back from Japan, 2008.
I was grateful that I can still joined my badge for the Bati Night.
That time, the venue was in Gurney Hotel.
The theme wasn't anything gimmick. GLAM was it.
So I went to the GLAM night
with white dress I got from GAP during New Year Sales in Japan.
I am really sad this time, as I knew I am not going to go to classes with these bunch of people anymore.
My life in USM will not have memory with them anymore.
I miss the days. Very very much. So I cried, again...

2009. This year we are having the dinner at Traders Hotel in town, next to Komtar.
The theme is WOW!!! Retro. Baby!!!
I was planing to wear hippies fashion.
Trying to look for something patchwork dress. Any idea where to get it?
I need it by 31st March. I have got a braided head band fr diva.
Anything goes with this?
Argh...cracking my head already...


Saturday, March 07, 2009




1. Questions with THIS or THAT, answer ONLY ONE and; no other
2. Answer ALL questions honestly.
3. Answers MUST be valid.
4. Do not answer questions with another question.
5. Pass the AWARD to TEN Bloggers from your List.

Date and Day Today: 7-3-2009 Friday
Time Started: 10:00 pm
Time Ended : 7:55pm the next day

[1] Taking it or Leaving it?
letting it be

[2] "I am forbidden...
to be flirtatious bitch

[3] "I would love to have...
I would love have my mum always happy, I seriously mean in

[4] Are you a Bitch?
rarely...I am pretty friendly

[5] Are you talkative?
You would not believe if I deny

[6] Black or White?

[7] Club or Pub/Bars?
Pub/Bars, there then we can talk

[8] Desktop or Laptop?

[9] Did you answer all the questions like you were supposed to?
I think I am being very cooperative

[10] Do those who you love return their love?
Most of them. So I am trying not to focus on those who don't

[11] Do you hate someone?
I dun like to hate

[12] Do you have a car?
No. Not any soon future, liability, nuh uh

[13] Do you have a pet?
No. I am no animal person

[14] Do you know anyone who hates you?
I don't know and I always choose to know things that please me...this is not

[15] Do you like to dance?
I would love to...

[16] Do you like to sing?
YES! oh I miss my karaoke box

[17] Do you love someone?
I love many people.

[18] Do you think love is fair?
No. nothing is

[19] Do you think the TEN victims whom you are going to tag will answer these questions?
dunno. Jas said she'll ade...plus she is boring I suppose, drain of idea to blog

[20] Do you think these questions are personal?
Nuh, nothing seems very personal to me

[21] Do you think those you love know that you love them?
some don't...But it doesn't really matter...they should fucking regret that

[22] Ever been on a last minute vacation?
No. I can never do that. Everything needs a plan.

[23] Ever been told that you are sexy?
Not that I can remember

[24] Ever loved someone so badly it broke your heart?
WoW. That's my major

[25] Genuine or Fake?
Genuine la

[26] Get the closest magazine, go to page 36 and write the 3rd line down.
Reader's Digest, July 2008,-...that rocked Europe most...

[27] Hater or Lover?

[28] Have you been mentioned in anyone's BLOG before? Was it good or bad? Why?
I was and always will be mentioned in Jasmine's blog... Its usually something she wants to dedicate to me...nothing bad.
Jean Jean did mention my name from time to time...if you are reading this, I am always enlighten when I see my name appear in your writing.
This I got shocked...a new friend pokder's blog

[29] Have you ever left someone for another person?
No la

[30] Have you ever two-timed?
no lo

[31] Have you tried bungee jumping? What do you think of it?
No. only if the someone is with me

[32] How long is/was your longest relationship? What do/did you think of him/her? Do you think she loves/loved you?
it was like 6 months, with one month of him disappearing...he is good in English...haha...He LoVeD me kot...not anymore

[33] In your LAST FIVE posts of your BLOG, who were the people mentioned?
1- the kids from SRK Sri Relau
2- My spoken English class tutor, Pn Zuraidah
3- GOD
4- Samuel Chew-my favorite agent
5- The JAC's people

[34] Introvert or Extrovert?
ExIntrovert. :)

[35] Is there something you're not wearing?
inner wear...none

[36] Is your BLOG a one-column, two-column or three-column? Or more?

[37] Name 1 [ONE] Holiday Spot.

[38] Name 2 [TWO] Possessions.
1: Laptop
2. K770i SE

[39] Name 3 [THREE] Guys and his relationship with you
1: Liew Kong Seng ( dad)
2: Kevin ( new old friend )
3: aLx ( ex's bestie, my online closest friend )

[40] Name 4 [FOUR] Apparels you feel comfortable in.
1: cap
2: watch
3: button up shirt
4: camel active Joyce

[41] Name 5 [FIVE] Girls and her relationship with you
1: Jasmine ( we live on each other but we are independent, very )
2: rEis ( roommate and my pet )
3: Tzyy Yun ( roomys course mate sit bside me cutting paper & watching house now)
4: Chi Kuan ( younger sis who claimed me as a gd friend)
5: Susila ( another crazy girl friend )

[42] Name 6 [SIX] from your Wish-List
1: New HP mini 1000Vivienne Tam edition
2: a bf or a husband
3: bill payer
4: more kitchen equipment (of course I need to have a kitchen la)
5: washing machine
6: v100 / 125 scooter provided with license

[43] Name 7 [SEVEN] thing in front of you
1: My mobile phone
2: Calendar
3: Lotion
4: speaker
5: my fav mug
6: leave on hair conditioner
7. empty container of the tong sui I got as reward

[44] Name 8 [EIGHT] characters that best describe your personality
1: Picky
2: Intuitive
3: Sensitive
4: scatter-brained
5: motherly
6: positive
7: friendly
8: Energetic

[45] Name 9 [NINE] words you say the most.
1: Diu
2: apa barang
3: Hello
4: Wei
5: oKay
6: ba bai
7: k la, I call you again la
8: 7 xxx- (cantonese)
9: yup

[46] Name 10 [TEN] parts of your inheritance in characteristics, appearances and enthusiasms. Is it Dad's or Mum's?
1. value of life (dad)
2. Friendliness (Dad)
3. Complain (Mum)
4. badminton (Dad)
5: loud (Dad)
6: double eye lid (Mum and dad)
7: absent minded (Mum)
8: suspective (Mum)
9: darkeye circle (Mum)
10: Love Food (Dad)

[47] Should you be a multimillionaire, what's the FIRST thing you'd buy?
buy anything please my mum.

[48] Sony Ericsson or Nokia?

[49] Tell us something about you we don't already know.
I 1st watch porn when I was 10 years old

[50] The ONE thing you would change from your past.
LoVe my dad more

[51] Was the word PINK added to the LAST TEN answers?

[52] What are the titles of your LAST TEN posts?
1: English for FUN
2: I am DeNIsE II
3: I am DeNIsE
4: Instant Rebound
5: Optimist
6: ?
7: This I HAVE to tell
8: 飞蛾扑火 ll
9: Dreams by Langston Hughes
10: 失而复得

[53] What are you NOT?
Perfect, got to agree with Jing on this.

[54] What are you thankful for?
GOD-to always be with me, lead my way and already have a plan for me

[55] What are you wearing?
OHIO Uni- T by JT and Track Bottom by papa

[56] What do you fear most?
mouse and losing of love's one

[57] What do you hate about yourself?
no...if can I wanna shed some flesh off, thats all

[58] What do you hear apart from the computer noise?
=HOUSE= playing from Yun's laptop

[59] What do you love about yourself?
Life. M3

[60] What do you think of this questionnaire?
Damn LonG...7 LonG

[61] What do you usually do from Mondays to Sundays?
Monday: class-home-babysit
Tuesday: class-home-babysit
Wednesday: outing/homework/otaku-drama/sport/movie/dinner with scandal
Thursday: class-home-babysit
Friday: outing/homework/drama/dinner date/sleep late
Saturday: babaysit- Lunch - Laze -Yam char/pasar malam/ dinner
Sunday: church-Qbay-homework-swimming-dinner

[62] What irritates you?
nothing I can think off now, bitch kot

[63] What is on the walls of the room you're in?
307's lecture plan. sticky notes, receipts of the room rental, photos

[64] What is stressing you now?
Not finishing my FYP

[65] What is your bad habit?

[66] What is your BLOG'S URL and Name? Why did you choose that particular name?
Name: =DeN's=
Why?: Because its my blog, it belongs to me =DeN= punye

[67] What is your current mood?
normal, but I am loosing my voice

[68] What is your favourite colour?
Red. Blood red.

[69] What is your favourite game?

[70] What is your favourite past-time?
The internet

[71] What is your favourite song?
recently Khalil Fong

[72] What is your favourite store?
no particular now

[73] What is your hair colour?
Black. Very dark black

[74] What makes you smile?
my friend, FRIENDS

[75] What scares you?

[76] What shuts you off?
Some of the USM mandarin event’s emcee speech

[77] What was the last thing you did?


[78] What was the last thing you said last night before going to bed?
rEis…u slept?

[79] What was the last thing you watched on TV?
TV2 some malay drama my sis was in. was like Thursday.

[80] What was your dream last night?
a lot of people. I remember Kevin was there, probably seeing him too often ade…

Some of the others oso there, but can’t recall now. Arh…my mum was preparing steamboat ka, then I think got Wai Kiat, then I terjumpa Kev in the mall…

Something like that la, very confusing one

[81] What widgets/gadgets do you have on your sidebar(s)?
Right side bar:
1: My profile
2: imeem- kimi ga iru dake de
3: friend’s bloglist
4: my bloglist
5: hitter
6: feedit
7: Follow me
8: online shopping blog
9: blog archive

[82] What would you name your daughter?

[83] What would you name your son?

[84] What would be the version of your love quote?

Trust and sharing.

[85] When was the last time you cried and why?
Just now when I was in adwave 2009, when they show the the short video, I cried.

When they show the making of adwave oso I cried.

I very senang touch la

[86] When was the last time you laughed and why?
When Kev send me back, at the traffic light stop, the motor in front of us is actually having 2 living chicken on the basket and one of the chicken trying to fly out. The man then skillfully grab the chicken neck. It was damn funny then.

[87] When you were out having fun the last time, what did you do?
Basically my days now are quite fun. I mix with fun people that bring fun to me.

Except today, not yet…

[88] Where did you grow up?
In Bidor since I was 5 till 17. a very small town, with wonderful memory.

[89] Where do you want to be in 6 years time?
If I am married, I will follow him…I wish I will be married by then

[90] Where is your cell phone?
on my left, lying on my pencil case

[91] Where is your significant other?
no significant other YET, damn it

[92] Where were you last night?
I was at home with Tzyy Yun, after my Nasi Lemak Liverpool Delivery

[93] Who are the people you mentioned in the LAST TWENTY answers? Who is he/she to you?My family -Dad Mum Sis and everybody else.
1: Tzyy Yun- roommy’s coursemate+ my one of a kind friend
2: Kevin Ho- my Cantonese speaking training student ( I hope he is not reading )
3: Mummy- in my dream
4: Wai Kiat- bro when I was in primary and Sec school- till now
5: rEis- Roommate
6: sis-elder sis.
7: Khalil Fong-the Jazzy singer.

[94] Who do you usually go out with?
Jasmine, Kev, rEis, alone

[95] Who was the last person you saw? What did he or she say?
My housemate Janet- she did not go back to hometown, she just finish working.

[96] Who was the last person you spoke to online? What were you and him/her chatting

May be is QY, last night. I ask for her number as I lost it for long.

[97] Why are TEN victims, your TEN victims?
simply because, they read my blog and the probably have a blog.

[98] Why are you doing this questionnaire?
I am too free, from yesterday…haha

[99] Why do you think the person reading this right now, read all the way to number NINETY NINE?
They love me…

1. Jasmine

2. Jean (if she is reading )

3. CJ

4. Chin Teng (if he blog )

5. ah Long ( perhaps he won’t, this is not so cool to him )

6. Kelson (if he read this and he is free )

7. Pok Der ( If he read this )

8. Zi Yuan

9. YiYongFei

10. aLex from Ohio


Friday, March 06, 2009

English for FUN

WoW!!! Elementary school kids its not a piece of cake,
They are all one big loaf of fruit cake.

I thought I was going to like lost my voice off forever and ever.
aLmost lose my mind as well.

English seems not so fun when you need to shout
and nobody seems to paying attention to you.

Playing a teacher's role is no easy job man.
I tell myself the next time,
if I am going to have any of these kind of activities with kids in school.

Be it like the talk I gave to the Union Secondary girl school or the English for fun, activities based learning class.
I will so gonna get a "Pembesar Suara".-大声公

Preferably a customize one...kan...

Nasi Lemak Liverpool Delivery

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I am DeNIsE II

Good afternoon
I am Inspector DeNIsE aNasTaSia Liew Cheng Yan.

So this is not an acting part time job.
Tomorrow, my Spoken English class will have another assessment of PaNeL DisCusSioN.
The topic we choose for our group is Juvenile Crime in Malaysia.
Initially I was suppose to be the criminologist, and then we decided to drop this role,
later I was assign to prepare the chairman speech.
But this is not the end. Pn Zuraidah, our favourite English tutor of the year would really
like to randomly choose whoever to play whatever role.
I would say my group is more than fortunate as almost the whole group have their role remain the same as we assigned earlier, except...EXCEPT...M3 and the poor ADAM burger buyer aBang aDam have got our role switched.

When Pn Zuraidah pen her decision on the paper.

DeNIsE aNasTaSia: I don't like you.
Pn. Zuraidah : Me neither.
DeNIsE aNasTaSia: You are not my mum.
Pn. Zuraidah : Yes, I am not.

DeNIsE aNasTaSia : I can make a very good chairperson. ( I swear )
Pn. Zuraidah : "grin" Now you know why I switch you role?
DeNIsE aNasTaSia : Because I'll make a very good chairperson.
Pn. Zuraidah : That's actually a compliment.


Kha bah....dut! (salute in Persian)

Yes Madam!

Monday, March 02, 2009

I am DeNIsE

Hello, I am DeNisE
I am the simultaneous Interpreter.

Another 2 days task was down...
I'd got a long release sigh, after the
Aussie client and Philippine company reps finally said:
"You have done a good job."


I would say thanks GOD, for He has create who I am,
and plan this route of my life.

To always has him beside me or within me,
when you see me, its not just me...

Its me die in the mighty HIM.
He be my tongue when I am interpreting.
He has the honor.
Thanks for the blessing.
I am grateful for the LoVe He has gave to me.
Never let me down. Lift me up as an instant rebound.

StiLL learning to be humble