Monday, May 25, 2009

I am sorry

I am sorry if I had make this home unpleasant to stay.
Believe me this is the last thing I want to do here.


1st day on floor

Today was actually my first officially answering call day.
Like we meet some jack asses,
as well as some pretty nice and cool people.

Few days ago I kinda come to this thought that, Malaysian the multi racial should be
the least racist nation among all.
As for the people from other country is actually discriminating us.
So what if we are already racist among ourselves, then it will double the racism.

Working here, you will deeply feel it.
Why can't someone just understand that, no matter wherever you go,
they are people speaking the same language in different accent,
stop thinking that you speak the most accurate one,
be patient, try to understand each other.
Spend a little time and get your trouble shoot, and solve.
Wouldn't it be easier, if you pace your tone, make it clear, get it straight.

We are just trying our best to help.
and we have a mother too.
Do respect yourself when you use the F word through the fon to someone who is trying to help.

TQ 4 calling Jet*


I tell you what! No one is going to take control of my life.
Don't try to manipulate my decision.
My peace of mind has been perished.
I felt very disturb, all I ask for is to be alone.
Live my life, walk my way out.
I still love the world,
all I need is just some space to breath.

STOP trying ruin my day, like every single day.
STOP disturbing me with my un-will.
It was totally ridiculous to have me put through here.

Too much of negativity,
I think I need a massage,
to release some bad chi.


Sunday, May 24, 2009


I can't believe my 100th post in this blog is about
how stupid cana Maybank Cherry Debit Card can be.

If you owned one of this cherry card, these might be things that you
might not be aware of.

You went in to a shop, pick something you need,
and ready to pay with your cherry card.

Unfortunately the cashier at the register make a small mistake with the charges, anyway she notices it before she put the payment through.
Which literally mean she did not approve the transaction, however this Maybank fella, damn smart arse, still deduct the un-approved transaction.
Thus an amount of money will be debit from
yours truly account.
Now you can ring to 1300-88-6688 and inquire about this,
in return you will get this:

"To refund, it will take 16 working days." and she means WORKING DAYS. which equal to almost one month, man.
Isn't this crazy?

Now let's say you leave the shop and head to the petrol station, well I fuel up Shell.
If you are wondering. Yes, the machine can process payment using the smart cherry card.
Like most of the machine, you just need to swap it like all the credit card, where by you do not require to key in the amount. Well ya, you are happily pumping. Then you went inside to withdraw some money in order to pay for some ice cream.
Wait a minute, why on earth that my balance gone so low? The fuel cost me only like RM60 something. I was like what the F? So you check online and found on the description column something : Pre- Auth Debit. and the amount is RM200.
and again, WTF?! When on the holy earth that I spent 200? You then drop another line to this 1300-88-6688 and talk to the customer service fella, so this how it works.
Where ever petrol station you go, except for Petronas, RM200 will be debited from your account when you swap your cherry card. (Petronas RM150) and it take 3 to 7 days to refund the balance to your account.
How sweet is this. Tell me about it...
Damn stupid system, wei...
By the way, only certain machine can you apply the key in amount fuel pump at the station.
p/s: sorry I don't know how to rearrage this sentence.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I think some of them take drug.
Is it ganja that make your eye red after you take it?
and people usually don't take it in the morning?


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Things to be done-ToDaY

1. Breakfast before my aunties come and pick me up to the church, and they will be coming in any time from now.
2. Practice the road to my working place, once again.
Sincere apology, I am a road blind.
3. Iron all my working attire, before they get all dusty.
Get ready to work, now.
4. Surf the net about Jetstar product,
So that I won't be too lost in the training tomorrow.
5. Update more blogs.
6. Room Keeping.
7. Laundry.
8. Sleep early.
9. Pray for rain.
10. Pray for health.

GO get Food!

We BloG

Do you agree that,
when we are lonely,

we feel more emotional,
that trigger a lot of thinking,
and we do not have anyone to talk to,
as we are lonely,
so we flip up the laptop,
log in here,
and blah bla bla bla blah..
we talk about
Mother la,
Father la,
lover la,
music la,
movie la,
you la, me la
life la,
future la,
See, so many =la=
So the conclusions are
Loneliness is the fountain of inspiration
Jasmine and I are both experiencing the emotion,


For this Mothers' Day

I am not sure, but I think I feel sorry for my mum,
not that I think I am guilty in any sense,
but really,
I feel sorry about her life of being a Mother.

Seems to me, she thinks she is failure mother.
She told me the other day,
the biggest mistake in her life was to get married.
She rather be single and enjoy the freedom.
Once again I am not so sure about whatever she said.
Because she can said whatever she wants,
and does not mean it.
As she has all the right to do it as a women.

It makes my dream of having a happy family,
and making my biggest ambition of becoming a mum,
hesitate a bit, just a little bit,
but it still matters,
Because it's from the mouth of my own mother.

I felt sorry for her difficulties in expressing
her LoVe to us, especially.
How can a mother not love their children.
So she does love us,
and of course she has her favourite daughter,
among 4.
Well, that's fine for me.

Except the way, she trying to show her concern to us.
It's really abnormal as compare to the norm.
As though she makes our life really miserable,
maybe on that day, but it does impact me on my life.
I never thought, I have night mare,
which I almost cry out loud of being...

I think it's really hard for me,
in return,
to show my love toward you
this I am sorry,
It feels really awkward now,
to say Happy Mother's Day to you.
This is even faker,
then you think we are being one,
just because we do not want you
to say that a young kid is ugly.

I really hope you can understand,
all we want is you to be happy.
Start your first line, with positive statement.
Mean what you say,
and have friends.

We are all in fear, that we are gradually
becoming you.

I should be attending a
Cantonese Sunday Service.
when I arise later from
a hot couch or hot bed.
So I need to sign off now,
but I will be back tomorrow
for more...



I finally finished my translation, like almost finalize the whole series.
All left is just editing, and translate the damn poem.
You think become a translator is a piece of cake, come on...
you want to take a dare?
Oh, the etiquette of a translator just hit my head.
I can't reveal any of the material.
But truly truly I tell you, it's not easy.

In doing translation, you require more discipline ( which appeal to me very challenging) and more knowledge, in performing the job. And most of all, procrastination, which I really have to fight with myself about this.
At times, I think a translator job are more challenging then an interpreter.
But there are some funny moment doing interpreting too.
You will never expect to interpret 女头家 the drama's title and 任达华 the actor cum spoken person for Canon, in to English.
Out of a sudden, you really need to "pick up for live"-执生。
Now I found out that 女头家 is call The Iron Lady, which I was told by a pillar under Bangsar Lrt Station.
But the Canon spoke person's name still can't come to mind now.

Anyway I'd got the files all sent, I am Free-er now.
Not totally but, ya, 1 task down.

Hot Night

Monday, May 04, 2009

I can't Breath

It is very stuffy here.
I think I need a window,
I need to puff a breather.
Like what he said.

I want my world,
I want a bed,
and a working table.

With no messy wire all tangled.

I fucking want Penang now

Saturday, May 02, 2009

I got a hair cut

I got a hair cut, here is a small report.
My fringe was officially certified dead.
I have to stay patient to keep it up pin
until its ready to do a re bonding again.
My hairstylist today is an unfamiliar hand
like Vincent's case too.
He is Eve from Bidor, we did the haircut
in the basement of his house's kitchen cum saloon,
cool right,
I would said this is a pair of good hand.
So I spend like 3 times Vincent pay for his hair cut,
for I'd spoil my hair with a treatment treat.

Well as for the length, its remain
but its in layered, so when I tied it up,
It became very short...
aLx said it will be cool, perhaps I can show him tonight.

There are a few concern now,
my hair is very frizzy,
I was wondering what can help to lessen the crazy hair.
Have you heard of this product
the TIGI Bed Head- Control Freak Serum

Serum Frizz Control & Straightener

Fights the frizz and stomps the curl. This light, greaseless and humidity resistant formula delivers a straight-up glossy finish.

  • Conditions & moisturizes hair
  • Seals hair and adds shine
  • Acts as a thermal protectant

To Use: Apply evenly to damp hair. Layer with Control Freak Extra Extra straight if you have more resistant curls. Use a round brush or large paddle brush to pull your hair tight while blow-drying for a straight finish or dry as desired for frizz free curls and waves.

Hopefully this help, just have to figure the price.

Besides that, the hair at the back and fringe needs to be tame down by a lot of hair pins. Have to get that soon.

Eve's Hair

Friday, May 01, 2009


I am currently back to Bidor, just today...
For a few days break before I start working.

I will be cutting my hair, tomorrow...
Hopefully the hair stylist can save
my disaster fringe cause by a cheap student cut.

As I mention earlier,
I will be starting to work on the 11th of May,
most probably, if my medical check up is fine,
and it should be fine.

My working place are expected to be a cool working place,
but it's still yet to be certified.
The building itself is call Jaya 33,
in front of PJ Seksyen 14 market.
I will be driving my sister's car to work.

It is an outsource call center,
where they work for Jetstar,
mostly working with Australian,
the company is an Australian based company, in fact.
So I should be ready to deal with some a lot of
Aussie Accent,
Good Die...I am not sure! lol!

That's about it...
By the way, there's a cute guy working there,
Indeed a few cute guys...
Let's check it out...

There are Nick the HR manager, perhaps
and Mushen, the sexy voice+ Designer
I am looking forward to work there

Plus the office is a very cheerful one,
the building has 2 levels of shopping center,
with a very cool grocery market,
selling things that you hardly seen in others...

Well, that's all information I can provide for the moment.
So friends...How about you guys then?a