Saturday, December 13, 2008

OMG= Oh My GrandMa

I felt really bad, I so wanted to go to grandma'a place today. So I did ask J yesterday to do me a favour, as I do not have leg ( means I have no transport). She rejected saying grandma's place is very far. We staying in Taman Putra and they in Mahkota Cheras. Near @ Far are very subjective
measurement. We used to stay in Bidor and Grandma stays in KL. Which one is further far???

I went down for breakfast and came up again, J told me, my phone rang, as I did not save all my phone book's contact into my new phone. Here it was a stranger's number. I call back, and I heard the warmest voice in the world. My heart melted. She misses me, I knew it. And she knows the time right to call me.

She ask if I will come back on the 1st of January, as this coming Chinese New Year, she will be going back to Bidor, most probably can't have reunion dinner with us. My heart was like drop to the tummy. I miss you too. OMG.

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