Monday, July 24, 2006

Soft Skill...Undergraduate...Unemployed

First few things that come into my mind was confidence, leadership, communication skill, management skill, socializing skill, emotional control. For sure there are plenty of it and if one can mange to develope all of it then will lead him or her to an ideal personality.

For me hard skill can ensure you to be profesional of in certain field of carrer but without combination of all sort of sofk skill you cant so any futher. As soft skill will help us to play our role even better no matter in dealing with our career, family and friends as well.

Recently i came across this statistic from some news paper regarding highest unemployed graduates from public and private universities. Thanks God, USM asn't on the top 5 ranking. Other than saying that the fresh graduates now are chossy and expecting too much from the emplyer, somehow its true, I would rather think that they are seriously lack of confidence, and the reasons of being super low self-esteem might be cause by a few of factors, lacking of soft skill might be one of them. Confidence seems to be something given or borned but it can also gain by hardwork.

As an undergraduate who is still suffering the same desperate struggling of being lack of confidence. I could have point out some reason why students were to be in such problem.

Firstly they rarely expose themselve into the world outside, as we see majority of them don't care much about what is going on in the real wolrd. Frankly campus has been a comfort zone for us, thus it makes all of us or shall I say some of us tend to be running away from the truth, the real world, as reality is always cruel.
You can see that abundant of student of USM crowding everynight at Khaleel or what ever mamak stall, simply chit chatting, talking nonsense, "Lepak" in CC (cyber cafe) playing computer games. I wonder if they ever think about their future. I find it quite disappointed when I saw students spending their whole semester break parasiting at home rather than doing something meaningful like looking for job whether concerning their field of study or not. In some way it really helps a lot in the future.

Formal education and family education has bear a result oriented mindset on the students, parents or even the society. Difinitely its not an easy job to change the mindset but at the same time we have to balance in every aspeect. In my point of view, result doesn't mean much but the experience, practical does matter. If I were to be an employer, i would rather hire a candidate with experience than a dean-list student without any. As for my case, I dont really did well in my exam. ( I knew it wasn't a sign either) Anyway, I firmly believe that result is not everything but the your personality and experiences of life encountered. And this is where or how you develope your soft skill. Is not about attending or taking any soft skill courses, in my opinion.

I had notice that nowadays the students are devided into 2 categories, which i mean student in the university. They are both very extreme and aggresive. Its either they are extremely active in co-curriculam activities or other wise. No doubt joining actively in any society or clubs is a good path to develope all kind of soft skill and train up our self-esteem, but sadly majority of us belongs to the second category,

Last word of mine I would advise all my friends here to arm ourselve in which ever way with all these sofy skills to make us more competitive and marketable. But how? Thats what you should find a way out by yourself. The only clue I can give is step out from your room, think out of the box.