Sunday, November 30, 2008

Another Morning Post

Ya, for real, I was waken up by my mum at 7:30am.
She wanted me to teach her to use the internet. So I was please as I have ask her so many times to put her hands on the keyboard and kill some free time rather than you sleeping all days.
As usual she aspect me to do all things for her, but sorry I am not a yasashii sensei. Wahaha.
Anyway got a her an email address, a Facebook account. Introduce her to wikipedia, recipe searching, Job hunting. That will be fine for today. Not forgetting a MSN IM so she was connected to Uncle George, finally.

Going to church later for the last time in Lembah Maju since they will be moving to a bigger premise the next week. Good Job.

After church heading to FJ Benjamin warehouse sales at Park Royal KL. By the way have to thanks aL for statused about the sales thingy, bet he had lot of fun after the shopping spree.
How I wish we could share more...not any more now.

Gotta stuff my tummy with some yummy. Chiao...

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