Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday Morning

Bet I slept too early yesterday. aLL the clock in the room was spoiled I think I get on bed before 1am. Thus when I open my eyes this "Morning" which is a very stranger word to me lately. By the way it is all the fault of Rachel's alarm, poor OL that have to go to work on Saturday, get a life! Man. Well the time then was 7 something.

I keep rolling on the bed, hoping I can get back to some sweet dream but No. I am not a sleeping person as you look in to my eye,
you will understand all. I don't like to sleep and I can't sleep too long. That is not my major.

So I wake up and make this early post. Found Jasmine finally update something. Anyway just want to let her know that I still doing thing everyday that remind me of her. Gwen had made some Jasmine chestnut desert. I drank Jasmine green tea almost everyday. I have a cup of Jasmine soak in waster beside me. Dakara, you are always on my mind and never gonna be lonely for the rest of your life.

Hey people, mainly to freelancer like most of the varsities, thats what we do. Have you notice that sometimes, once you get a job you will like transform into a magnet. This is what code by Mr. SLim- suddenly we become a JOB MAGNET. Wow, that was cool...

Got my first interpreting job coming up. Looking forward to it. Hope I won't flunk it in the end. Thanks for Mervin and Hanyu.

p/s: for friends that are taking JLPT next week, don't forget to study!!! Let's all pass the paper.

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