Saturday, March 07, 2009




1. Questions with THIS or THAT, answer ONLY ONE and; no other
2. Answer ALL questions honestly.
3. Answers MUST be valid.
4. Do not answer questions with another question.
5. Pass the AWARD to TEN Bloggers from your List.

Date and Day Today: 7-3-2009 Friday
Time Started: 10:00 pm
Time Ended : 7:55pm the next day

[1] Taking it or Leaving it?
letting it be

[2] "I am forbidden...
to be flirtatious bitch

[3] "I would love to have...
I would love have my mum always happy, I seriously mean in

[4] Are you a Bitch?
rarely...I am pretty friendly

[5] Are you talkative?
You would not believe if I deny

[6] Black or White?

[7] Club or Pub/Bars?
Pub/Bars, there then we can talk

[8] Desktop or Laptop?

[9] Did you answer all the questions like you were supposed to?
I think I am being very cooperative

[10] Do those who you love return their love?
Most of them. So I am trying not to focus on those who don't

[11] Do you hate someone?
I dun like to hate

[12] Do you have a car?
No. Not any soon future, liability, nuh uh

[13] Do you have a pet?
No. I am no animal person

[14] Do you know anyone who hates you?
I don't know and I always choose to know things that please me...this is not

[15] Do you like to dance?
I would love to...

[16] Do you like to sing?
YES! oh I miss my karaoke box

[17] Do you love someone?
I love many people.

[18] Do you think love is fair?
No. nothing is

[19] Do you think the TEN victims whom you are going to tag will answer these questions?
dunno. Jas said she'll she is boring I suppose, drain of idea to blog

[20] Do you think these questions are personal?
Nuh, nothing seems very personal to me

[21] Do you think those you love know that you love them?
some don't...But it doesn't really matter...they should fucking regret that

[22] Ever been on a last minute vacation?
No. I can never do that. Everything needs a plan.

[23] Ever been told that you are sexy?
Not that I can remember

[24] Ever loved someone so badly it broke your heart?
WoW. That's my major

[25] Genuine or Fake?
Genuine la

[26] Get the closest magazine, go to page 36 and write the 3rd line down.
Reader's Digest, July 2008,-...that rocked Europe most...

[27] Hater or Lover?

[28] Have you been mentioned in anyone's BLOG before? Was it good or bad? Why?
I was and always will be mentioned in Jasmine's blog... Its usually something she wants to dedicate to me...nothing bad.
Jean Jean did mention my name from time to time...if you are reading this, I am always enlighten when I see my name appear in your writing.
This I got shocked...a new friend pokder's blog

[29] Have you ever left someone for another person?
No la

[30] Have you ever two-timed?
no lo

[31] Have you tried bungee jumping? What do you think of it?
No. only if the someone is with me

[32] How long is/was your longest relationship? What do/did you think of him/her? Do you think she loves/loved you?
it was like 6 months, with one month of him disappearing...he is good in English...haha...He LoVeD me kot...not anymore

[33] In your LAST FIVE posts of your BLOG, who were the people mentioned?
1- the kids from SRK Sri Relau
2- My spoken English class tutor, Pn Zuraidah
3- GOD
4- Samuel Chew-my favorite agent
5- The JAC's people

[34] Introvert or Extrovert?
ExIntrovert. :)

[35] Is there something you're not wearing?
inner wear...none

[36] Is your BLOG a one-column, two-column or three-column? Or more?

[37] Name 1 [ONE] Holiday Spot.

[38] Name 2 [TWO] Possessions.
1: Laptop
2. K770i SE

[39] Name 3 [THREE] Guys and his relationship with you
1: Liew Kong Seng ( dad)
2: Kevin ( new old friend )
3: aLx ( ex's bestie, my online closest friend )

[40] Name 4 [FOUR] Apparels you feel comfortable in.
1: cap
2: watch
3: button up shirt
4: camel active Joyce

[41] Name 5 [FIVE] Girls and her relationship with you
1: Jasmine ( we live on each other but we are independent, very )
2: rEis ( roommate and my pet )
3: Tzyy Yun ( roomys course mate sit bside me cutting paper & watching house now)
4: Chi Kuan ( younger sis who claimed me as a gd friend)
5: Susila ( another crazy girl friend )

[42] Name 6 [SIX] from your Wish-List
1: New HP mini 1000Vivienne Tam edition
2: a bf or a husband
3: bill payer
4: more kitchen equipment (of course I need to have a kitchen la)
5: washing machine
6: v100 / 125 scooter provided with license

[43] Name 7 [SEVEN] thing in front of you
1: My mobile phone
2: Calendar
3: Lotion
4: speaker
5: my fav mug
6: leave on hair conditioner
7. empty container of the tong sui I got as reward

[44] Name 8 [EIGHT] characters that best describe your personality
1: Picky
2: Intuitive
3: Sensitive
4: scatter-brained
5: motherly
6: positive
7: friendly
8: Energetic

[45] Name 9 [NINE] words you say the most.
1: Diu
2: apa barang
3: Hello
4: Wei
5: oKay
6: ba bai
7: k la, I call you again la
8: 7 xxx- (cantonese)
9: yup

[46] Name 10 [TEN] parts of your inheritance in characteristics, appearances and enthusiasms. Is it Dad's or Mum's?
1. value of life (dad)
2. Friendliness (Dad)
3. Complain (Mum)
4. badminton (Dad)
5: loud (Dad)
6: double eye lid (Mum and dad)
7: absent minded (Mum)
8: suspective (Mum)
9: darkeye circle (Mum)
10: Love Food (Dad)

[47] Should you be a multimillionaire, what's the FIRST thing you'd buy?
buy anything please my mum.

[48] Sony Ericsson or Nokia?

[49] Tell us something about you we don't already know.
I 1st watch porn when I was 10 years old

[50] The ONE thing you would change from your past.
LoVe my dad more

[51] Was the word PINK added to the LAST TEN answers?

[52] What are the titles of your LAST TEN posts?
1: English for FUN
2: I am DeNIsE II
3: I am DeNIsE
4: Instant Rebound
5: Optimist
6: ?
7: This I HAVE to tell
8: 飞蛾扑火 ll
9: Dreams by Langston Hughes
10: 失而复得

[53] What are you NOT?
Perfect, got to agree with Jing on this.

[54] What are you thankful for?
GOD-to always be with me, lead my way and already have a plan for me

[55] What are you wearing?
OHIO Uni- T by JT and Track Bottom by papa

[56] What do you fear most?
mouse and losing of love's one

[57] What do you hate about yourself?
no...if can I wanna shed some flesh off, thats all

[58] What do you hear apart from the computer noise?
=HOUSE= playing from Yun's laptop

[59] What do you love about yourself?
Life. M3

[60] What do you think of this questionnaire?
Damn LonG...7 LonG

[61] What do you usually do from Mondays to Sundays?
Monday: class-home-babysit
Tuesday: class-home-babysit
Wednesday: outing/homework/otaku-drama/sport/movie/dinner with scandal
Thursday: class-home-babysit
Friday: outing/homework/drama/dinner date/sleep late
Saturday: babaysit- Lunch - Laze -Yam char/pasar malam/ dinner
Sunday: church-Qbay-homework-swimming-dinner

[62] What irritates you?
nothing I can think off now, bitch kot

[63] What is on the walls of the room you're in?
307's lecture plan. sticky notes, receipts of the room rental, photos

[64] What is stressing you now?
Not finishing my FYP

[65] What is your bad habit?

[66] What is your BLOG'S URL and Name? Why did you choose that particular name?
Name: =DeN's=
Why?: Because its my blog, it belongs to me =DeN= punye

[67] What is your current mood?
normal, but I am loosing my voice

[68] What is your favourite colour?
Red. Blood red.

[69] What is your favourite game?

[70] What is your favourite past-time?
The internet

[71] What is your favourite song?
recently Khalil Fong

[72] What is your favourite store?
no particular now

[73] What is your hair colour?
Black. Very dark black

[74] What makes you smile?
my friend, FRIENDS

[75] What scares you?

[76] What shuts you off?
Some of the USM mandarin event’s emcee speech

[77] What was the last thing you did?


[78] What was the last thing you said last night before going to bed?
rEis…u slept?

[79] What was the last thing you watched on TV?
TV2 some malay drama my sis was in. was like Thursday.

[80] What was your dream last night?
a lot of people. I remember Kevin was there, probably seeing him too often ade…

Some of the others oso there, but can’t recall now. Arh…my mum was preparing steamboat ka, then I think got Wai Kiat, then I terjumpa Kev in the mall…

Something like that la, very confusing one

[81] What widgets/gadgets do you have on your sidebar(s)?
Right side bar:
1: My profile
2: imeem- kimi ga iru dake de
3: friend’s bloglist
4: my bloglist
5: hitter
6: feedit
7: Follow me
8: online shopping blog
9: blog archive

[82] What would you name your daughter?

[83] What would you name your son?

[84] What would be the version of your love quote?

Trust and sharing.

[85] When was the last time you cried and why?
Just now when I was in adwave 2009, when they show the the short video, I cried.

When they show the making of adwave oso I cried.

I very senang touch la

[86] When was the last time you laughed and why?
When Kev send me back, at the traffic light stop, the motor in front of us is actually having 2 living chicken on the basket and one of the chicken trying to fly out. The man then skillfully grab the chicken neck. It was damn funny then.

[87] When you were out having fun the last time, what did you do?
Basically my days now are quite fun. I mix with fun people that bring fun to me.

Except today, not yet…

[88] Where did you grow up?
In Bidor since I was 5 till 17. a very small town, with wonderful memory.

[89] Where do you want to be in 6 years time?
If I am married, I will follow him…I wish I will be married by then

[90] Where is your cell phone?
on my left, lying on my pencil case

[91] Where is your significant other?
no significant other YET, damn it

[92] Where were you last night?
I was at home with Tzyy Yun, after my Nasi Lemak Liverpool Delivery

[93] Who are the people you mentioned in the LAST TWENTY answers? Who is he/she to you?My family -Dad Mum Sis and everybody else.
1: Tzyy Yun- roommy’s coursemate+ my one of a kind friend
2: Kevin Ho- my Cantonese speaking training student ( I hope he is not reading )
3: Mummy- in my dream
4: Wai Kiat- bro when I was in primary and Sec school- till now
5: rEis- Roommate
6: sis-elder sis.
7: Khalil Fong-the Jazzy singer.

[94] Who do you usually go out with?
Jasmine, Kev, rEis, alone

[95] Who was the last person you saw? What did he or she say?
My housemate Janet- she did not go back to hometown, she just finish working.

[96] Who was the last person you spoke to online? What were you and him/her chatting

May be is QY, last night. I ask for her number as I lost it for long.

[97] Why are TEN victims, your TEN victims?
simply because, they read my blog and the probably have a blog.

[98] Why are you doing this questionnaire?
I am too free, from yesterday…haha

[99] Why do you think the person reading this right now, read all the way to number NINETY NINE?
They love me…

1. Jasmine

2. Jean (if she is reading )

3. CJ

4. Chin Teng (if he blog )

5. ah Long ( perhaps he won’t, this is not so cool to him )

6. Kelson (if he read this and he is free )

7. Pok Der ( If he read this )

8. Zi Yuan

9. YiYongFei

10. aLex from Ohio



:: 子源 :: said...

haha...since when reis become ur pet?
i love u so i do ur tag la XD

(actually im sienz 到爆!)

Jeanjean said...

baby, I am reading ! hahaha... i miss u hell a lot dear. muah a thousand times.