Thursday, February 19, 2009

This I HAVE to tell

I called my younger sister today, she went back to Bidor for a short break.
This is the most outrageous update from Bidor if you are reading.
I heard Sin Chew has it report.

Kuan: YanJ a,one Babi Hutan ran into town and broke the glass door of KFC and She Yng's shop punye as well.

Me: Walau. How come the Babi Hutan came out from jungle one.
Then the KFC people and all ma very scared lo. (Malay vs Babi Hutan)

Kuan: Actually the Babi Hutan also very scare lo.(Babi Hutan vs Human Being ma)

Me: Huh?

Kuan: Suddenly ran out from the jungle wo

Me: Bwahahahahaha!!!! Yalo, Yalo...

Kuan: See Siang said he witnessed it all, he and his mum was there in KFC, he saw the Babi Hutan ran over the glass door rush toward his mum and take quick turn into the toilet, after awhile, it rush out from the toilet and head
his way and then out of KFC...

I was like if only I / we were there...

This had make a BIG scene, man!!!
Bidor wo...

Mouth fruits



GeoGeo said...

I tot Bidor world famous for Duck Soup noddle only !!! KFC there ???

Makes very good Wild Boar Curry...rendang style..(high in mecury though)

Taste enak-nya


:: 子源 :: said...


babi huntan oso need toilet?

=DeNIsE= said...

Uncle Geo: There have had a KFC for very long.

YUAN: the wild boar ran inside and found that was no tree there, so it came out...

=DeNIsE= said...

I have got a new reader today.
ChinTeng says:
ur bidor babi hutan interesting
i wonder if u are there, ur voice might scare the BH away ler

old friend noe you weLL...haha