Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tang Soon Yew

Tang Soon Yew, ah Yow we call him. One of my brotherhood back in Bidor.
We know each other since we were in primary school.
He was once the school top 3 student when we were in standard 4 and 5.
He told me it was because during that time, he thinks people who scores well in the exam
seems to be very cool, so he wants to be like them too. So there.
Later we grew older, like most of the Bidor boy, you will start hanging out at the basket ball court.
He then find the basket ball player very cool, so he started his journey in excelling in this sports.
He shoot with his left hand, I remember. I become a fan of this game.
I still remember he lend me his MVP情人, he bought the original and got me addicted.
I was a sport idiot there then, he tells me a lot of funny and interesting stories in the court. I got to know a lot of new faces, hilarious tale.
He has a very caring mum, funny grandma and dad that play badmintion with mine.
Small town, theres that.

We went to the same high school. After the graduation, we all have different path. I can hardly catch up with them. But whenever we meet, the never ending jokes still go on. I came across his blog not very long ago. I was surprise that he writes too. I am happy to know that, he is doing well. You know, when you work over the sea, people will have the impression that you are doing good. So I just want to make a conclusion that you are doing well there.

Today, from my link to his blog, I read his most recent update. Tears can't help dropping from the cheek. He is going to end his 6 years relationship with an engagement ring.
I am so proud of him that he actually take this BIG step in his life.
You have the gut to give the commitment, you are the MAN, wei..
I am so looking forward for your wedding...don't left me out then...

Proud of you

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So^naK said...

nice kan can get commitment in rship..:)