Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I am DeNIsE II

Good afternoon
I am Inspector DeNIsE aNasTaSia Liew Cheng Yan.

So this is not an acting part time job.
Tomorrow, my Spoken English class will have another assessment of PaNeL DisCusSioN.
The topic we choose for our group is Juvenile Crime in Malaysia.
Initially I was suppose to be the criminologist, and then we decided to drop this role,
later I was assign to prepare the chairman speech.
But this is not the end. Pn Zuraidah, our favourite English tutor of the year would really
like to randomly choose whoever to play whatever role.
I would say my group is more than fortunate as almost the whole group have their role remain the same as we assigned earlier, except...EXCEPT...M3 and the poor ADAM burger buyer aBang aDam have got our role switched.

When Pn Zuraidah pen her decision on the paper.

DeNIsE aNasTaSia: I don't like you.
Pn. Zuraidah : Me neither.
DeNIsE aNasTaSia: You are not my mum.
Pn. Zuraidah : Yes, I am not.

DeNIsE aNasTaSia : I can make a very good chairperson. ( I swear )
Pn. Zuraidah : "grin" Now you know why I switch you role?
DeNIsE aNasTaSia : Because I'll make a very good chairperson.
Pn. Zuraidah : That's actually a compliment.


Kha bah....dut! (salute in Persian)

Yes Madam!

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So^naK said...

i wish i have ur gut n tongue.