Thursday, March 26, 2009

I will be off

I will be taking off to Ipoh tomorrow 3:00pm after LHP456 interview session with Pn. Zuraidah.

Its time for Ching Meng. Dad always tell us that this day is more important than Chinese New Year.
Its been so long since I visit dad's. I miss him, mostly when I was thinking that he can't witness my graduation.

Just came back from Jusco, simply grab some sweets for the kids tomorrow. Got 2 packs of mash mallow, lot 100 for them, dry kiwi and Clorects for myself. Japanese toothbrush for mum...
Guess that's all... now guess how much all this cost?
almost RM20. =DIU...7 gui=

Ticket back to Ipoh, another RM20. But I am excited though.

ONE more major assignment to go...
gambare, women

Bob the builder...YES WE CAN!!!

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