Sunday, March 08, 2009


I have been attending the course night for the past 2 years.
I went for the one with senior at E&O hotel which was really cool.
E&O was the first hotel in Penang specially built to welcome the Queen back to the colonial time.
The theme for that year was "Eastern & Oriental"
I wore Saree for the first time of my life.
I shed my tears as usual when they show
the slide show of their picture in USM through this 3 years.

After I come back from Japan, 2008.
I was grateful that I can still joined my badge for the Bati Night.
That time, the venue was in Gurney Hotel.
The theme wasn't anything gimmick. GLAM was it.
So I went to the GLAM night
with white dress I got from GAP during New Year Sales in Japan.
I am really sad this time, as I knew I am not going to go to classes with these bunch of people anymore.
My life in USM will not have memory with them anymore.
I miss the days. Very very much. So I cried, again...

2009. This year we are having the dinner at Traders Hotel in town, next to Komtar.
The theme is WOW!!! Retro. Baby!!!
I was planing to wear hippies fashion.
Trying to look for something patchwork dress. Any idea where to get it?
I need it by 31st March. I have got a braided head band fr diva.
Anything goes with this?
Argh...cracking my head already...


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