Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bukit Hijau

[22] Ever been on a last minute vacation?
No. I can never do that. Everything needs a plan.

To explain to this Q&A the other day on 300-200
I would like to deny this answer as this was not my answer but Tiff's,
cause I accidentally missed this one.

I have been to some when I was younger,
dad is always a last minute trip traveler,
Mum is used to that.
I like that feeling too.

Today, I message Tai Lo when I was in church, I want to go to check out the food fair in PISA.
I ask if he has any plan, he reply that Chin Teng is inviting them to go to there too.
So I join them, LAST MINUTE. Six of us miraculously fit in ABU- Kok Loon's car.

We went there and were all a little disappointed, but we got ourselves 3 Sunday Star with 3 free magazine each set. Since we can't find real food there, we make a decision in the end to have lunch in Old Town, I wish I remember the name of the place, that one near to the KFC, me and Jas used to makan mid9 when Sg 2 one has not start operating 24 hours.

We spend like an hour or more there, reading papers, magazines, chatting, eating, drinking and most importantly discussing where to spend the rest of the day.
Either way Pei En was expecting a SPLENDID SUNDAY which she could go back to office tomorrow and tell her colleague that how awesome her weekend was.
After ages of meeting and severals suggestion, we had ban fishing, gaming, movie, Borders and not fishing.

We are heading to BUKIT HIJAU, Kedah.
Everyone get so excited. One by one we went home to get ready and just before we departing, Penang was like raining cats and dogs. We are still very optimist until we reach the bridge.
It does not seems positive and our Master of Tourism Malaysia-Chin Teng too started to worry.

As we follow his instruction, we took the right turn on the 5th traffic light.
The sky in Bukit Hijau is gratefully bright.
I won't say it sunny as apparently there were rain just before.
After 1hour and a half. WE ARE HERE!!!
Bukit Hijau the well known recreation water fall. I was long for a nature retreat.
This is the time. The water is icy cold. and I learn a new term today.
Hypothermia- click click click.
Chin Teng was all along the way flu...
Kok Loon got his lips' colour change to light purple...
Thus got chase after to leave the pool by the mother duck...oops...

Did not manage to eat oo bui-yam rice in Chai Leng's Park, we end up eating at this place call Friendship Garden.
Reach home around 10 something...
Thx for a contented weekend...
These are the people who treat me real good...

Headache-over excited

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