Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Lately job interview has become a very hot topic, among the pre-graduate.
If you attend those workshop, the speaker will tell you, you have to sell yourself during interview.
So YOU are your product.
I am proud of myself as well as my product.

Not only I like to be featured, especially under sharp pen@cool friend@ good writer=JeanJean
I felt important, every time I was mention by the blog...
I was like a shining star...I appreciate each and every word...
and most of all I treasure the memory and the friendship we share.

As I said "not only" means, other than me myself are being featured, my product =DeN's=
is being more widely read.
I have got secret reader from Bristol, London...if you know who you are, please register yourself.
Then I have reader from Central Distric,Hong Kong China, which I'd found out whom he was-Tomy my HK FB friend. and reader from TaiChung, Taiwan which turn out to be my primary school's classmate- Soon Yew( if you are interested he blog too)
I once had an Singaporean mystery reader.
I am very grateful to have all of you here, thousand TQ...of course not forgetting, widest range reader from Batu Uban, Penang.
Butterworth&Bkt Mertajam, Penang@Ampang, KL@JB, Johor...
I don't need a lot of customer to buy me, all I need are reader who are really care to read about my life, enjoy my writing, appreciate my sharing and laugh at my jokes...

Shining Star

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