Monday, March 02, 2009

I am DeNIsE

Hello, I am DeNisE
I am the simultaneous Interpreter.

Another 2 days task was down...
I'd got a long release sigh, after the
Aussie client and Philippine company reps finally said:
"You have done a good job."


I would say thanks GOD, for He has create who I am,
and plan this route of my life.

To always has him beside me or within me,
when you see me, its not just me...

Its me die in the mighty HIM.
He be my tongue when I am interpreting.
He has the honor.
Thanks for the blessing.
I am grateful for the LoVe He has gave to me.
Never let me down. Lift me up as an instant rebound.

StiLL learning to be humble

1 comment:

So^naK said...

no wonder i seemed like seeing God just now in BT104..ohhh..and yerterday when i was in starbucks and coffeebean...oh God...:D