Sunday, May 10, 2009


I finally finished my translation, like almost finalize the whole series.
All left is just editing, and translate the damn poem.
You think become a translator is a piece of cake, come on...
you want to take a dare?
Oh, the etiquette of a translator just hit my head.
I can't reveal any of the material.
But truly truly I tell you, it's not easy.

In doing translation, you require more discipline ( which appeal to me very challenging) and more knowledge, in performing the job. And most of all, procrastination, which I really have to fight with myself about this.
At times, I think a translator job are more challenging then an interpreter.
But there are some funny moment doing interpreting too.
You will never expect to interpret 女头家 the drama's title and 任达华 the actor cum spoken person for Canon, in to English.
Out of a sudden, you really need to "pick up for live"-执生。
Now I found out that 女头家 is call The Iron Lady, which I was told by a pillar under Bangsar Lrt Station.
But the Canon spoke person's name still can't come to mind now.

Anyway I'd got the files all sent, I am Free-er now.
Not totally but, ya, 1 task down.

Hot Night

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