Friday, May 01, 2009


I am currently back to Bidor, just today...
For a few days break before I start working.

I will be cutting my hair, tomorrow...
Hopefully the hair stylist can save
my disaster fringe cause by a cheap student cut.

As I mention earlier,
I will be starting to work on the 11th of May,
most probably, if my medical check up is fine,
and it should be fine.

My working place are expected to be a cool working place,
but it's still yet to be certified.
The building itself is call Jaya 33,
in front of PJ Seksyen 14 market.
I will be driving my sister's car to work.

It is an outsource call center,
where they work for Jetstar,
mostly working with Australian,
the company is an Australian based company, in fact.
So I should be ready to deal with some a lot of
Aussie Accent,
Good Die...I am not sure! lol!

That's about it...
By the way, there's a cute guy working there,
Indeed a few cute guys...
Let's check it out...

There are Nick the HR manager, perhaps
and Mushen, the sexy voice+ Designer
I am looking forward to work there

Plus the office is a very cheerful one,
the building has 2 levels of shopping center,
with a very cool grocery market,
selling things that you hardly seen in others...

Well, that's all information I can provide for the moment.
So friends...How about you guys then?a



sleepy said...

Oooh! Your workplace sounds like a great place! Maybe i should go there and work when i grad later. HElp me chop a place can ar? hehe.. =)

=DeNIsE= said...

OK, Dear, I'll go test water first, and let you know how real is my observation. lol

-vincent- said...

jaya 33 is nice!! i've been there b4 :)