Sunday, May 24, 2009


I can't believe my 100th post in this blog is about
how stupid cana Maybank Cherry Debit Card can be.

If you owned one of this cherry card, these might be things that you
might not be aware of.

You went in to a shop, pick something you need,
and ready to pay with your cherry card.

Unfortunately the cashier at the register make a small mistake with the charges, anyway she notices it before she put the payment through.
Which literally mean she did not approve the transaction, however this Maybank fella, damn smart arse, still deduct the un-approved transaction.
Thus an amount of money will be debit from
yours truly account.
Now you can ring to 1300-88-6688 and inquire about this,
in return you will get this:

"To refund, it will take 16 working days." and she means WORKING DAYS. which equal to almost one month, man.
Isn't this crazy?

Now let's say you leave the shop and head to the petrol station, well I fuel up Shell.
If you are wondering. Yes, the machine can process payment using the smart cherry card.
Like most of the machine, you just need to swap it like all the credit card, where by you do not require to key in the amount. Well ya, you are happily pumping. Then you went inside to withdraw some money in order to pay for some ice cream.
Wait a minute, why on earth that my balance gone so low? The fuel cost me only like RM60 something. I was like what the F? So you check online and found on the description column something : Pre- Auth Debit. and the amount is RM200.
and again, WTF?! When on the holy earth that I spent 200? You then drop another line to this 1300-88-6688 and talk to the customer service fella, so this how it works.
Where ever petrol station you go, except for Petronas, RM200 will be debited from your account when you swap your cherry card. (Petronas RM150) and it take 3 to 7 days to refund the balance to your account.
How sweet is this. Tell me about it...
Damn stupid system, wei...
By the way, only certain machine can you apply the key in amount fuel pump at the station.
p/s: sorry I don't know how to rearrage this sentence.


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sleepy said...

Yikes! Cherry Card sounds like a "Crappy Card" instead! Poor you.. have u terminate ur card then? Think u better do.