Monday, May 25, 2009

1st day on floor

Today was actually my first officially answering call day.
Like we meet some jack asses,
as well as some pretty nice and cool people.

Few days ago I kinda come to this thought that, Malaysian the multi racial should be
the least racist nation among all.
As for the people from other country is actually discriminating us.
So what if we are already racist among ourselves, then it will double the racism.

Working here, you will deeply feel it.
Why can't someone just understand that, no matter wherever you go,
they are people speaking the same language in different accent,
stop thinking that you speak the most accurate one,
be patient, try to understand each other.
Spend a little time and get your trouble shoot, and solve.
Wouldn't it be easier, if you pace your tone, make it clear, get it straight.

We are just trying our best to help.
and we have a mother too.
Do respect yourself when you use the F word through the fon to someone who is trying to help.

TQ 4 calling Jet*

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