Sunday, May 10, 2009

For this Mothers' Day

I am not sure, but I think I feel sorry for my mum,
not that I think I am guilty in any sense,
but really,
I feel sorry about her life of being a Mother.

Seems to me, she thinks she is failure mother.
She told me the other day,
the biggest mistake in her life was to get married.
She rather be single and enjoy the freedom.
Once again I am not so sure about whatever she said.
Because she can said whatever she wants,
and does not mean it.
As she has all the right to do it as a women.

It makes my dream of having a happy family,
and making my biggest ambition of becoming a mum,
hesitate a bit, just a little bit,
but it still matters,
Because it's from the mouth of my own mother.

I felt sorry for her difficulties in expressing
her LoVe to us, especially.
How can a mother not love their children.
So she does love us,
and of course she has her favourite daughter,
among 4.
Well, that's fine for me.

Except the way, she trying to show her concern to us.
It's really abnormal as compare to the norm.
As though she makes our life really miserable,
maybe on that day, but it does impact me on my life.
I never thought, I have night mare,
which I almost cry out loud of being...

I think it's really hard for me,
in return,
to show my love toward you
this I am sorry,
It feels really awkward now,
to say Happy Mother's Day to you.
This is even faker,
then you think we are being one,
just because we do not want you
to say that a young kid is ugly.

I really hope you can understand,
all we want is you to be happy.
Start your first line, with positive statement.
Mean what you say,
and have friends.

We are all in fear, that we are gradually
becoming you.


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