Monday, April 06, 2009

My raped experience with aLterx

If your read my blog, you should know that I had an interview few days back, with this America, San Jose based company in Penang, named aLterx (altered).

I went there the day before (Tuesday) to check out the location with Sylvester and Kelson in Bayan Lepas the industrial area. I stayed in N Park for the last time, that night. I slept late at night, I did not prepare any writing they require. I sent them my blog which is rather informal, but I don't give a damn la that time, cause my final year project also pending it way there then.

The next day I get up, dress up, groom up and then gear up there. There I have to wear the shoe condom. As I'd expected, they are very shocked and disappointed with the writing samples. After the interview session, as usual I have to do a trial translation task for them.

I swear to my laptop that I never felt that nervous before. I can't even interpret the feeling. They first gave me a small paragraph of Japanese technical text. The fear came up from the feet, rising up to my sensitive part and then to my stomach, I can feel there are bugs flying in there. I would not think them as butterfly, the feeling is too horrible to be butterfly. It just keep heading up to my arm and than my finger. I can't even type, my hand was so scarily shaky. I wish that nightmare never come again.
Which I pretty sure it won't. Please don't come...


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So^naK said...

at least it was not a gang raped...:p
Anyway, all the best in ur interview tmr. Dun staying too far away from me.