Friday, April 24, 2009

aWesome gift- Park Royal Penang

This is where the story begins

Sunny and windy afternoon,
I first went to the pool

I am glad that at least The Little Prince was with me

I read and fall asleep with the warm breeze from the sea

I like the idea of beach bench,so cozy, very holiday...
"Bossa Novva"

I was a bit late to catch the sunset,
before I go all alone for the rest of my night

No one to take a picture with...

The next day, after breakfast...
I think I should enjoy till the last moment...
morning sunlight, blue sky, green palm, white naked man

Beach bench, beach, sea, sky...
Ideal Idea

I got my nail polish in the Batu Ferrengi night market,
while waiting for Kevin

Picture speaks louder than word
I think it just give me another reason to LoVe Penang more.
I would said its a little regret
that Jas was not able to share the joy,

but anyway this was really an awesome treat.
I will take this as my graduation gateway trip,
thanks to uncle Ricky once again.

If you want to know the room rate is Rm 820.
OMG!!! It was too exciting!!!

I LoVed HoLidaY


pokder said...

wahh!! looks like u r having so much fun there!!

=DeNIsE= said...

I really did!