Friday, April 24, 2009

Funny me

A very quick joke to share, one where I got during my gateway holiday trip back to Penang last Saturday.
I reached Penang, and went straight to Wud and Sus's place. Sus as usual was not found. Me and Wud decided to take dinner in Tesco before we start linger around the night market in Sungai Dua.

If you know me well, there are a few cute things that I like, I like dolphin, uLtraman, , giraffe, elephant and perhaps that was that

Have you notice the in trend balloon lately, which cost almost like 5 riggit for one. They have long handle, come in shape of Doraemon, tiger, giraffe and etc. You can find it in the market.

Wud and me pass by the balloon stall,
and as usual I like to bug that one and only grumpiest Siamese boy friend I had,

I said: "Wud, I want that one..."
Wud: "What is that la..."
Me: "I want that balloon, the kangaroo one"
Wud: "You want than go buy la, I am not gonna pay for you though"
Me: " its so long, how am I going the bring it back by bus?"....
blah blah blah

and the discussion go on with the kangaroo balloon...

Then suddenly Wud stop and ask me
" Was that a kangaroo or a GIRAFFE?"

nvr like kangaroo

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