Monday, April 13, 2009

I have a plan

I have a few plans. I am planing to readjust my sleeping biological clock. Seriously, I was quite discipline the week back as I have so much interviews and job to attend. I have to. Internet was not available as well. So happen to be. It helps on sleeping earlier. I wish I won't be too draggy here today either.

Before I forgot for my reader who does not apprehend Chinese, SINCERE APOLOGY. I know I haven't been writing in English for some times. This is my compensate.

This Thursday and Friday I have got another interpretation jobs awaiting. Thanks a lot to my thoughtful agent Sam. Thanks GOD, there then I can continue job hunting, surviving. If you want to know how much I spend on commuting myself from recruitment firm to recruitment firm, from interview to interview. Back to back. Not only it cost a lot of money, it does as well consume a lot of time.

The suspected bed bug from aYuni's room that bitten me like weeks ago, turns up again. It was so itchy, I went to my family doctor, whom we never pay by cash but food. He said it was strange too. He never seen such swell before. I got some ointment or cream to apply and another smell "good" POLYTAR shampoo kind of thing to wash my body. It is better now.

As I go to his clinic, I weigh myself on the scale. I always doubt the accuracy of that equipment. Ya, I put on weight. I know, if you insist...I am 66 last week before dinner and tonight after dinner 65.5. What a decrement! I visit the neighborhood market this morning, bought batteries for the unmove clocks in the house. As well store up some fruit for the fruit detox diet plan, tomorrow onward. Wish all things start up well tomorrow.

Today is Chi Kuan's 20th birthday, HaPPy BirthDay. Don't come home so late...


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