Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Damn That People

I went across the street to tapao some noodles for dinner tonight.
I know Chi Kuan( my younger sister) was on her way back home, so I look across the road,
I saw a car stop in front on my house, it stayed for a short while,
then Chi Kuan get down from the car. I keep looking.
The next minute I guess for one moment, people thought I was insane.
I saw her ran over to next door through the little garden, and some guy was after him,
I scream, and scream as hard as I can.
I wanted to cross over the road, but there are too many cars.
The Satay stall uncle ask me what happen,
I can't even articulate a word, I stuttered....
"ada...ada orang...curi...beg adik saya"
I can't even be sure, was that what I said.
I ran across the street, I saw them pass over me, rapidly...
I saw the one at the back was holding some tools or something,
I wasn't sure, I thought he got my sister bag.
It was too fast, I can't even get their registration number.
I ran home, to make sure Chi Kuan is safe,
all the neighbour were shocked with me and Chi Kuan screaming and shouting.
Everyone was out to see what happen,
and then it started off again like the day my house got broke in like a month ago.

What a world?

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