Monday, January 25, 2010

When dad passed away, it was like 5 years ago,
I wrote a lot about him, about how much I miss him.
Every time when I read back those words, they never fail to make me tears.

And a year passed, I was preparing for the student exchange program,
It never seems so easy, not as what you'll said after you see me return.
That time round, I decided not to write any discourage people or word in my blog.
Every time when I felt weak, I prayed, I prayed for financial aid, I pray for faith,
I pray for God to lead me through, as He'll have a plan for me.
So you'll never find a post about my journey of preparing my student exchange program.

And years passed again...
As you grow, you know better how to control the emotions.
Being emotionless is extremely sad,
at least you ought to know who or what will worth a sleepless night.

You know what friend, I am glad that you are experiencing the feeling now.
Cause it will accomplish you as a human, help you along your life.
Experience make you Grow.

hows the coffee?