Thursday, October 29, 2009


Early morning yesterday I woke up and collect my car at the car wash across the road, drive to the park.

Jog like less than 15 mins, I felt as if I am going to faint; wonder how can I survive the Penang Marathon though its only Fun Run- 10KM duh.

Bath and groomed, pick up Reis at Tiara Duta, head to KLCC for lunch at Sakae, everything was fine until we left and window shop at Parkson, as this ass itch me went into the fitting room to try out a pair of shorts, I left my hand phone on the chair. When I realize that about 5 mins later, it was too late. It was no longer there. So then I lost my hand phone.

Suppose to meet up Kevin for movie and dinner treat. Plan still go on but it gets a little bit complicated as I have to contact him via public phone booth which was placed in quite a hidden area in Sunway Pyramid.

So we did meet up in the end, watch the meatball, 3D animation-my treat. T.G.I sirloin steak and lamb chop, his. I am planning to bring him to food foundry next time.

Muscle are still in slight pain, but really have to boost my stamina from now, if not Kevin can really see me passing out on the bridge when he is doing his half marathon while I am on my Fun Run.

Assigned my little sister to get me a 2nd hand phone, budget below RM200. I am really running out of this, yesterday was the pay day, I am close to dry. Haih…Hope we can still live in the world where hand phone is still not a necessity.



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