Sunday, October 25, 2009


At Last something great happen.
So the lesson of the day is you have to endure, until the end….
There is never NEVER.

I was late (~got late/ LAID?~) to work today as I thought my schedule is on the 12-9 instead of 11-8.
So that was just the beginning,
I answered 3 calls, and it took me 1hr and 15 mins.
Oh My F**king DUT………
My AHT was like 1500sec…
The rest of the day I was just chasing my AHT and
hoping it is now at least on the edge of 300.
Calls after call on a Sunday…not good
until I end my shift, then only the IDLE came.

Anyway, on my last call I finally rent out the 1st car of the day.
Then I go to 4th floor for a puffer,,,
The phone rang and so goes the long lost miss Susi…
“ Denise, are you free, next Saturday?”
“I am getting marry…”

Congratulation my dear, 1st best friend’s wedding that I am attending.
Hope this is the beginning of all GOOD things…
Bless is the baby….

Trip to Penang, accommodation settled, might have grand hotel stay with cheap price too…
How about a BBQ and drinking session?

I am LoVing LiFe…..

LoG from office


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So^naK said...

drink without me...:(