Wednesday, October 21, 2009

stiLL not an animal LoVer

I am never DoG person, to be frank never an animal person.
Tonight I heard of 2 Dog stories, which touch my heart abit, just a wee abit.

Wesley is Cher Ru's dog, I met him once, he is white and fluffy, not very big.
I am not too good in describing dog, not my type though.
According to Cher Ru, Wesley can really understand human's emotion, at least he understand his master.
When she was sad and crying in front of him, he will lick her tears dry.
Don't you think that is sweet?
Anyway I still won't let a dog come near me, don't even think of licking me, please.

Kar Sang's 小白 left the family tonight, about a few hours ago.
Though I never meet the dog, but apparently they have share a lot of memory together.
This dog must have been a loyal dog and had bring so much fun to the family once.
Tonight he'll sleep in peace. and I hope that he'll ascend to heaven.
Though I can't really comprehend the relationship between human and dog.
but I can truly understand the hardship of losing a family member.

Pray for Wesley long life so to unceasingly entertain my friend when she is sad, and I wasn't around for dinner.
Pray for 小白 to rest in peace, and Kar Sang to overcome the emotion very soon.

how to LoVe a Dog


So^naK said...

i love dog...and ur cute boy love dog as well.

=DeNIsE= said...

I know I can see so many dogs in the picture...the bull dog at the back yard...kan

So^naK said...

yea..maybe when u started to love dogs he would definitely fall into u...:)