Wednesday, September 02, 2009


I think I just turn down a job of the marketing research company.
As the reason given I will not be able to commit entirely if I wanted to continue my life as an interpreter.
The key word here is "IF".
I still can recall the other day when I quote Sam saying
" 在这行,你不需要名片,越是有名片,臭名传得越快"
So then I did said
" I realize, me always delaying my plan to print name card suddenly became a blessed thing.
Guess I can't stay here that long, I have to let go before I risk my reputation in this field."
After that few days, I have been doing a few groups, turn out to be that I am still doing fine.
Is just that I do not have faith in myself, not anymore, not even before.
I am constantly doubt with my ability.

I am just trying to gather some opinion here,
Don't you think so who ever is good in what ever field, ya they might be really good and qualified in that area, at the same time they are as well...
Oh..oh...oh...oh...Ooh...Yes, I am a Great Pretender...

Like me, I am probably good but not the best (not as good as Sam), I'm just good at pretending that I am good, I won some of the client trust, but how long can this be real?

Some of the researcher told me, they dig their fucking head into the designing of the questionnaire, preparing for or IHV or FGD, recruitment of respondent, liaise with client and people like me that some time screw them up, compile and analyze the feedback, finalize with report writing (best part), and what the so call DIRECTOR do, is to present the outcome to the client, by all the bluffy,fluffy, flowery words...They are not even there at the FGD, ass hole kan...

So, this is life...
Never stop to strive to become a good pretender.

LoVe ur Job

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