Friday, September 25, 2009

hidden story

When I was young, I remember that my father has a rug,
It was quite a big piece of it, beige-ish, with green and black pattern.
I do not have much memory with that rug.

Lately I am planning to re furnish my room,
trying to remove the King size bed my parents got it when they first get married.
The mattress was badly wet last few months as the burglar broke the roof and follow by the downpour next day.
So I was thinking to get a rug or nice carpet to fill the long un expose area under the bed.
Past Wednesday, I went to IKEA with Cher Ru, wanting to check out the prices for the furniture and rug.
Oh My God the rug was so dear that I can in fact get a queen size mattress,
suddenly this old piece of my dad's rug flash through my mind.

After I went home, I tried to search in to the cabinet, and can't seems to locate the rug.
I ask mummy, she can't really remember either we gave it to Auntie Lyna (dad's sis) or whoever and in the end like its given to some else. But its definitely not at home now.

I called grandma today, hoping to track the long lost rug. Mama said its not at their home.

I call Rachel, and Rachel barely can recall, but she was saying something like it was abandon in the old house in Bidor or was thrown some where...

I email Auntie Lyna,


Do you remember that my dad has a rug like beige and green color one?

  • Ya ., Where is it now?

Maybe throw already, haih...
U still remember that ka?
When did he bought it?

  • Hand made from his ex girlfriend

sure boh, that one quite big a piece wei..

  • why throw it away it took 1 year to finish and I am the designer

My heart felt a little tear when I read this, and it's shrinking smaller and smaller...
I hope I can find back this piece of His-Story.


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