Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy Birthday

First of all, I should address my heart felt apologize, as I’d disappeared for some 4 long weeks without any notice before hand, nor in between.

Yes, modem at home was broken on a thunder rainy day. Well, the problem is yet to be fix till now.

So, Mc D was one of the solution or Jun Ng’s Digi Broadband in the office.

It was my 23rd birthday last Saturday; the least expecting surprise party came his way. I am not a fan of those, as I thought my family is secretly planning for a BBQ party as I wished but end up blown due to tight budget.

I went to work at 6am and come back at around 3.30pm, I was so tired, I lie flat on the bed till 7pm, and then Kuan drag me to Carefour, thus to spare time for Rachel and the Bidor gang to do their job. We were in the hypermarket for like hour or more.

On the way home, as we were near the home gate, I saw a Pizza Hut delivery man left. I was thinking, so our dinner tonight is certain now. Rac ordered pizza. Wait a minute here, the house is all dark, nobody was there. How can Rac order pizza and left the house empty? I should have stopped the pizza man before he left.

I open the gate, the the metal and wooden door, just when I confirmed that the alarm is not set…

“Happy Birthday to you….” Cha is holding the Chocolate Indulgence with candle from Bidor as it written, and the representative from 5 Raya 2003, Chang Chew the planner, Wah sifut, Sook Teng, Shyan Ling and Chiew. Oh my God. I never thought it was them. Thank you so much, people. It was almost the best surprise party I ever have. Life is so good with friends around.

p/s: Though the cake was a little bit cacat, but I really appreciate the LoVe and friendship behind it.

LoVe yaLL


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:: 子源 :: said...

o...last sat was ur birthday?
wish u happy belated birthday oh =P