Thursday, June 18, 2009

Update at WorK

While waiting for "情人" to load.
I'll just give a bit of update at work today.
Apparently we the newbies GeN II has been assigned
to respective team and divided into 4 groups.

I am officially be-teamed with my TL Vennicia.
So far so sweet a girl.
Pray for everything good.

Something exciting in life happen today.
I finally got a Japanese caller.
Tried my best to help.
Guess I got that solved, I hoped.
Mr. Cheah the project manager said if I am pro in KeiGo, he's going to offer me RM3,000!

WeI! LeVeL 1 here I come.
KeiGo Class, Here I come!.
tsuto ganbatemasune!


sleepy said...

Jia You Denise!!!
I hope u get the pay raise soon~! =D

=DeNIsE= said...

LOng way to go la sayang, have to brush up my japanese kau kau first...
Hows everything going on your last long break?

sleepy said...

No worries. I have faith in you! i'm sure your Japanese will be superb soon! =)

My last long break doesn't seem too fun. Was busy the entire holidays.. didn't felt like the end of yr break at all. And 2 weeks more uni starts!!!! Ahhh!!! Tak mau~... =(