Monday, July 20, 2009

You are not aLone

Dear J nG
After listening to your story, I have a very strong feeling towards this phrase,
"You are not aLone" or " I'm not alone".

As Chinese proverbs said, "家家有本难念的经". I do believe that it's all the hardship we undergone that made us who we are today. We should be grateful and glad that we were brought up this way with all the life experiences others might not have.

We are healthy, capable to earn a living, not so descendant. Our background has leave a print on us. Look at you and me, we are not too bad, and indeed, we were very good person, with bright future, living happier life than many others.

When ever I met a weirdo, I will try not to put any judgment but think that, they might have come from an indifferent family background or have a significant past. This, I'll show empathy.
We all have a past, please not be ashamed of it.

Be grateful that your mum and dad has nurture you this big, thus though you are not loaded, at least you have story to tell your kids, and please bring them up well in the future.

aLL the best friend.

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