Monday, June 08, 2009

Long Lost M3

I woke up late last Friday, and skip work
I understand no matter how ever sinful and guilty I felt.
All the reason truth or false,
will eventually interpreted as eXcuses.

As to answer Kee Huei's question while lecturing me this morning,
I think this will be the best solution,
the promise I made to ensure that NO next time.
I bought this damn LOUD pasar malam China made
aLarm cLock.
No Jokes, Man!
It's so gonna wake up the whole village.

Sorry if you will be irritated,
this is the promise between me and Kee Huei.

u should look at my face then


So^naK said...

come back this island if u ever failed

Cool Mama said...

i think i should get one for my eldest daughter, shes kinda liat bangun pagi :p