Friday, May 28, 2010

Can't believe after I have been blogging for 2 years here...
this is the first time I blog with updated toolbar.
WTH, I am a Super Dumbo.

YesterDay was generally a good Day. ( provided my major is to run away from truth.)
I just wanna share this 2 funny unknown people who cheer my day up on the street.
Ya On the Road, I should say.
I was driving to Ue3 to work and was stoping by at the traffic light near the Stadium Badminton Cheras.
then this man in God know wig or his own blonde clown afro hair, Bao Zha Head from the next lane in his driving seat, turn to me and wave Hi...
I was like..."Hi" (waving la)
than I can't stop gigling in the car...covering my mouth...
Than sis came and get my car, so she called me a cab.
Hop on the cab and heading back home.
On the way back, there is this another cab on my right...with a passanger sitting in the front...
basically a plump late teen boy, looking at me...
show me ghost face (tongue out) and than start smilling.
What a day to have 2 stranger in life to make your day.
aLways be gratefuL.
nVr give up

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